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The Astonishing Tribe Shows Off Two MORE PlayBook Apps

I am not sure why they didn’t show these apps the first time around but our buddy Simon managed to snag some great videos of two new TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) BlackBerry PlayBook apps. These two apps are new though they do also cover the previous Scrapbooking app we saw.

Here are the two new apps:

  • Frontrunner – A multi-carrousel multimedia management app
  • Another app that uses the HDMI out port to project a user interface on a TV to display 3D enabled content since the PlayBook is not 3D.

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  1. this is nice i guess RIM will not regret this buy-over

  2. This looks so awesome…I cant wait to get one even more now!!!

  3. I just saw the link to this in the forums. AMAZING! The media and 3D apps are so awesome! I never thought I’d see RIM with a device with these rich multimedia and gaming capabilities. Exciting times!

  4. This is just fantastic. The media app is amazing. Like the guy said, I hope RIM ends up using it as their native media app, but everything just looks amazing.

  5. I think this only the tip of the iceberg of what TAT and QNX can do. Now all they need to do is bring this level of graphics to the rest of the native apps – contacts, calendar etc. And then begin their advertising campaign to show off the power of the Playbook in professional and every day settings.

  6. Very cool although 3D does nothing for me. I say leave it off the playbook. I do like the scrapbooking app though.

  7. The 3D was amazing, so was the media carousel. I’m really getting exiceted about the playbook

  8. The dual multi-touch was quite impressive. I hope these applications get included as standard. RIM really needs to start showing this stuff off in a big marketing campaign. There are still a lot of people unaware that RIM is even in the tablet market.

  9. Very excited about this thing… !

  10. this Tribe is gonna take the UI to another level!!!

  11. wow i cant believe how fluid this device is…….

    • I agree, but their “workmanship” (UI, apps..ect) have a lot of color and scrapbook feel to it… i would like to see them change make it more realistic. but thats just a thought, i love the stuff they’re doing.

  12. wow TAT is gonna bring some serious AWESOME to the BlackBerry platform. Can’t wait to see what they’re doing with 6.1!

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