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Portable Projector Showdown: Dell’s M109 Pico vs. Microvision’s Showwx Laser

Portable Projector Showdown: Dell’s M109 Pico vs. Microvision’s Showwx Laser

Intro: Its no secret that Blackberries lack video out. But with the Playbook already on its way and dual-core Blackberries just over the horizon, the promise of video out gets closer and closer. Until then, let’s take a look at the  most portable mid-range projectors on the market–decently priced projectors that  are small, reasonably priced, and that can be used for both presentations on the road and media viewing at home.

Microvision’s ShowWX Laser Projector: In addition to VGA input, the SHOWWX can plug directly into an iPod/iPhone/iPad for media.  The projector itself is tiny, barely bigger than a blackberry itself. Because the SHOWWX uses a laser source the resolution of the image is very low, but the image is always in focus.

Dell M109 Pico Projector: The M109 uses an LED source which means that the bulb will last a very long time, but the image has to be focused.  The resolution is way higher than the SHOWWX, both for text and for video.

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  1. Great write-up. I’m actually going to look into both of these further for work.

    • I was looking into these projectors myself for work too. I was shopping around and so far read a ton of reviews about these mini projectors from these companies but I was wondering if anybody has tried the AAXA mini projectors? I have seen a lot of great reviews on the AAXA mini projectors too and their website is .

      Anybody tried one?

  2. This is a bad review. You are comparing apples and oranges. Microvision’s projector is meant to be pocket-portable, something that anybody can take with them and pull out of a shirt pocket.

    Dell’s projector is a behemoth. I don’t understand how anybody could label that as “portable.”

    You wouldn’t compare a cellphone camera to a Canon camera, would you?

    If this review is to have any value, Microvision’s projector needs to be compared to other projectors in the same category. That category being, mobile projection.

  3. Very interesting write up. I have no use for a projector in my personal or work life, but still a very interesting article.

  4. I am digging the portability of the ShowWX but the way higher resolution and longer lasting bulb on the Dell make the extra $50 justifiable. Its not that tough to focus a projector either.

    The Dell may be quite a bit bigger (3-4 times?) than the ShowWX but I’m not sure I’d need a projector that fit in my pocket. Especially if it meant sacrificing image quality and longevity.

    • That’s the same way I felt and I am glad that came across. The Showwx is awesomely small and has some great features, but the Dell m109 has way better quality and is still very much portable. Good luck!

  5. not too bad, but i hope more pop up, and the quality increases.

  6. yeah, I’m starting to look at a couple portable projectors for my employer…comparison shopping phase

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