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BlackBerry PlayBook Has a PIN Number… and a VendorID?

PlayBook PIN API

I was digging through the API documentation for the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe Air and ran across something interesting. I was wondering if RIM would issue every BlackBerry PlayBook a PIN number and VendorID like they do with current BlackBerry smartphones. Turns out the API references exactly that. I was curious because PIN messaging has become a staple on BlackBerry smartphones through BBM and having a PIN number would lead you to believe that BBM might come natively to the PlayBook.

We already know that the PlayBook will be able to do BBM over the "Bridge” connection to a BlackBerry smartphone but by having its own PIN maybe future PlayBooks will have their own BBM. It also makes me wonder if RIM will continue having developers license their apps through PIN numbers.

The other annoyance is that RIM seems to also be including VendorID’s on the PlayBook. That might make some sense for the 4G and 3G PlayBooks scheduled to come out but it could be annoying. RIM has had a tendency to use these VendorID’s to limit applications like App World to certain countries.

On the other hand the PlayBook seems to have a few other ID’s I have not seen available through the API on BlackBerrys before. They will have a BSN (Board Serial Number), Hardware ID (My guess is the model of PlayBook), OS (Maybe we will have multiple OS versions?), and even an SCMBundle (???) accessible through the API.

Should be interesting to see how PIN numbers on the BlackBerry PlayBook play out…

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  1. I’ve been wondering if RIM plans to bring a stand-alone BBM and Email client for the 4G models later down the road. It would only make sense for them to make the 4G PlayBook a non-tethered tablet someday.

  2. I’m curious to see how they deal with having a PIN on the Playbook and on the Blackberry when tethering. I wouldn’t want people to have to keep a separate contact for each device. I’d prefer one contact that hits me on both the Blackberry and the Playbook. On the other hand it is great news for people without a Blackberry. Now they could use BBM like the rest of us.

    • Good point about possible separate contacts. That would be annoying. Maybe the PIN’s would somehow be merged? Seems like a messy process though. Like Ronen mentioned, most software is licensed/registered via a PIN.

    • This is so messty… Then the wifi version?? Bbm too?

  3. have always bin enthusaistic about this,but now that someone has confirmed it,am very happy and the playbook is a must get for me now

  4. Its cool that the PlayBook will get a pin. I’m assuming the pin will only be for the devices that are connected all the time. Wifi only will probably not have a pin.

  5. Interesting, doesn’t impact my buying decision but definitely a question many people were wondering.

  6. I wonder if this means they may be modifying BBM to allow multiple PINs per contact so you can hit people up on any of their devices. That might be an interesting concept. As long as they made sure that once they are read on one they are marked as read on all it might just work.

  7. I am just making this up ok…
    If the playbook is bridged with a BlackBerry then BlackBerry Messenger should be synchronized with the phone.
    In other words, if you don’t have a BlackBerry then the playbook will give you the BlackBerry Messenger experience, if you do have a BlackBerry then the bridging will work and just duplicate what’s going on your phone.
    And then again, someone can be reading your mirrored BlackBerry Messenger…:O

  8. Captured this from a Youtube video from MWC

  9. This PIN is for linking with BIS and/or BES email accounts. Also software loading will be OTA controlled by RIM not the carriers (at this point) though I’m sure there will be some carrier involvement with the cellular capable models.

  10. Hmm. In order to purchase RIM apps and 3rd party apps you would have to have a PIN. How else are they going to control purchases. So why would you think that a playbook wouldn’t have a pin? In saying that, it would be ‘odd’ to share a pin over a bridged connection as well. Just my ramblings!

  11. Awesome! BBM on a playbook would be very fun, especially if they build in video chat!

  12. i wonder if they pin with be just for purchases, and it will be taken over by device PIN when bridged.

  13. I think we’re going to see a lot more from Blackberry I.D., currently used in app world, I think it would become quite a strong selling feature if the whole blackberry experience was connected, your device to app world to your playbook to your BBM to your RIM apps (blackberry travel) to Blackberry Protect. And finally, I would love to see BIS turn into a function cloud account separate from any carrier. Email settings and PIM backup. That would be awesome.

  14. I just came back from a PlayBook technology demonstration. The RIM demonstrator confirmed that the radio versions of PlayBook coming later this year WILL have a PIN for BBM, BES integration, email, etc. The initial WiFi version coming out next month will not.

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