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Nokia Was in Talks With RIM Before Choosing Microsoft?

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In an interesting rumor coming out of TechCrunch EU we are hearing that Nokia was in talks with Google, Microsoft, AND RIM for an OS platform partnership. As many of you know by now Nokia chose Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 but its kind of interesting that they talked to RIM at all. Unlike Microsoft and Google, RIM actually makes the OS and the phone and, except for a short while with BlackBerry Connect, has never licensed their OS.

In a totally spin around we had Nokia’s CEO call the mobile ecosystem a three horse race with Apple, Google, and Windows Phone forgetting to mention BlackBerrys. This even drew a response from firebrand RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie saying “I don’t know how you can say we are not in the race.” He also answered that RIM is not enterprise focused since 80% of their subscribers are consumers.

Still it is funny to learn that while Nokia was talking with Google and Microsoft they were also talking with RIM. Makes you wonder why they would do that if they are not even in the race… 🙂 It is just a rumor but a fun one at that. I just wish RIM would finally get around to announcing and releasing these upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones so that they can bring a figurative gun to a gun fight in the CPU and screen resolution race.

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  1. I’m with you Ronen. I want them to just release these new phones so they can show the world that they can more than keep up with everyone. We have been talking about it in the forums and I think that Nokia may have been intersted, but I just don’t think the feeling was mutual. In my mind the world wouldn’t be right if someone other than RIM made BlackBerries.

  2. Two fails (Nokia and Microsoft) do not make a win. Nokia as far as hardware and software is dying, faster than even those who say RIM is dying; the way Palm did. Microsoft will never die, but just like Windows Live became Bing they just keep trying and trying throwing money left and right trying to keep a bit of the market. Fun to watch actually. RIM is re-inventing its brand now faster than ever before. They needed QNX and TAT, but they do not need Nokia. If RIM and Google and play nice, letting Android apps run on QNX, that is enough for me to say Nokiaosft is DOOMED!! There are 3 horses in this race: RIM, Google, Apple, period!

  3. I think the fact that he actually said the mobile ecosystem is a three horse race goes to show just how much of a fail their mentality really is.

  4. I am a big fan of RIM but I think we are all missing the point here! The key word is ecosystem! Remember that all of those big competitors have a desktop OS and a cloud base service and a mobile OS! That’s what makes them a complete ecosystem! In all honesty, Microsoft is probably the one that is the best placed to have a complete working ecosystem! For Apple, their cloud base service is not great and it doesn’t seem to have much success with consumers! Google have a desktop OS in the work but haven’t released it yet and don’t believe it’ll replace windows! So I think all RIM needs to have is a cloud base service and they’ll give headaches to the others since I don’t belive that RIM actually needs a desktop OS since Windows does the job pretty well! And already with the BES and BES express and BIS, RIM is in a better position than anybody thinks! They just need to expand those wisely!

  5. I think its hilarious that Nokia’s CEO purposefully did not mention RIM. It was totally to spite RIM for rejecting their plea for an OS.

    As we were talking in the forums I found some interesting information:

    At the end of 2010, Windows Phone 7 had 2% of the smartphone market share. Microsoft’s older smartphone line, Windows Mobile, had 4%. RIM and Apple were dead even with a 19% share each. And last, but certainly not least, the Android juggernaut was dominating with a whopping 53% of the market.

    RIM is right in there Mr. Nokia CEO.

  6. While a lot of people cite RIM for lagging behind in the smartphone technology, the Fins have REALLY been way, way out of it.

    Many of us have learned to live with Windows lockups, blue screen of death, etc. on our PCs, far fewer are willing to put up with it on a smartphone. And though, Windows Mobile 7 has no commonality with Windows for PCs, it suffers from a public perception problem that makes it hard for many to embrace. Call it guilt by association if you will, but I think Nokia made a mistake with this, even if perhaps Microsoft gave them a sweetheart deal to get the pump primed and even if it proves to be a decent OS.

  7. i could have seen the nokia/rim team up killing RIMs handset department as Nokia handsets have always been stellar.

    • Nokia has had a solid lineup which is shown by its current dominance worldwide. The problem was they needed a new OS. I don’t see how a merger with RIM would kill their handset department. I’m not sure what Nokia would bring to the table to be honest. I have never liked the style of their phones. That’s just my opinion. 🙂

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