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Impressive BlackBerry PlayBook App Concepts from The Astonishing Tribe

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So far the majority of the apps we have seen for the BlackBerry PlayBook have not been that impressive. While many devs are holding back what they have to show off until launch others are waiting on the new SDK’s that will provide them better control of the PlayBook. RIM has taken some initiative with their recently acquired The Astonishing Tribe UI group to create two mockup (proof of concept) apps that demonstrate the BlackBerry PlayBook. The first is a slick scrapbooking app that I am loving. Its just really cool that you can use both hands in an app. Check it out below:

The second is a demo of what can be done with the WebWorks SDK on the PlayBook. Still impressive but more of a proof in concept. What I am looking for is a weather app that makes the HTC weather app look like crap… 🙂

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  1. Thanks alot guys… now I CAN NOT let my wife see this unless one of two things happen…. 1. I can afford two playbooks, or 2. I give up rights to mine. She will go CRAZY over that scrapbook app if it ever comes to fruition!

  2. Everyday I want the PlayBook more hahaha, I love this videos…

  3. Looks great. I can’t wait for TAT to do more with QNX

  4. Slightly off topic, but — can anyone on AT&T actually view the mobile videos over 3G? When I’m on WiFi, it works fine — but no matter how good my reported 3G signal strength is in this region, it’s impossible to watch any youtube mobile link. I’ll get a second of play, then the image gets corrupted, then we’re “buffering…”. Rinse and repeat.

    [Of course, it doesn’t help that the RIM player refuses to cache more than a few seconds at a time — most players will continue caching if you pause playback. BlackBerry’s pause at best just stops all activity, and possibly even dumps the cache and starts over when you resume. ]

  5. Glad to see that TAT is already leaving their mark. Although I’m not sure that I really need a physics engine in a weather app…

  6. Apps look nice and clean

  7. i saw these vids earlier. amazing work on the scrapbook! can’t wait for the playbook in 2012-13. quad core processors are a coming!

  8. 4 finger multitouch on that scrapbooking app is sick! I am loving the potential of the PlayBook!

  9. TAT is going to be what makes the PB consumer market

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