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Another Video of Gaming on the BlackBerry PlayBook

I just cannot get enough of these video demos of Need for Speed and Tetris on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The main thing going through my mind is “I wish my BlackBerry Torch could do that” but still its impressive even for a tablet. Jon let me know that Engadget has a video of EA demoing the two games at MWC that provides some details we have not seen before. The coolest feature that might not ship with the game at launch is the ability to project the game onto HDMI at the same time as you are playing. Very cool for app demos if all apps can do that.

Here are some other things I noted:

  • Need for speed has over 20 cars in the game with all the major racing names licensed
  • It also has 3 game modes with 2 specific to the PlayBook platform
  • The games will be free in all markets not just the US, Canada, and UK like RIM sometimes does.
  • Even though they are showing off the game running in the background while other apps are running that will be an option you can turn on or off

Let us know if you spot anything else in the video or even other videos!

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  1. The playbook will challenge the psp as well as the ipad

  2. Dang! That’s the best video I’ve seen so far! I am so pumped for this. That’s the first I’ve seen of the slo-mo feature. Keep these videos coming please!

    It was also nice to hear that both Tetris and NFS will be full versions, not demos.

    This could seriously revolutionize gaming in that you take your console wherever you go and hook it up to any HDTV and go for it.

    So cool! I need to watch it again!

  3. GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!

  4. The HDMI out is awesome. I am so going to enjoy playing this on my LCD TV.

  5. Just more evidence that the PlayBook is an awesome device.

  6. i still cant believe how fluid it is!

  7. Just watched this video yet again. I think that makes around 17 times now. 🙂 The loading speed is super fast! It looks even faster than an XBox 360 or PS3 for loading speeds. So awesome!

    Time for number 18…

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