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T-Mobile Changes ETF Cancellation Policy for Moving Out of Coverage Area

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I was wondering how long it would take T-Mobile to plug this hole. For awhile now T-Mobile has allowed you to cancel your contract without an ETF if you move out of a T-Mobile coverage area or overseas. According to TmoNews that is no longer the case as of February 8th of this year. This old policy was abused quite a few times that I have heard of with users specifically moving out or signing contracts before they knew they were moving overseas.

T-Mobile is at least nice enough to not change this policy for customers moving overseas for military deployment or someone who is dependant of someone being deployed for military reasons.

Thanks Tashanna!

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  1. Um…that would be a “hole”, not a “whole”… 😉

  2. If all these companies worried more about providing excellent service, they wouldn’t have to worry about customers leaving them for another provider.

    • People abused the hell out of this ETF loophole for years. This isn’t really a surprise.

      Just like the VZ BOGO abuse that results in them having to change their policies…

    • It’s not “good” customers that abuse these sorts of things. It’s the scammers that look for loopholes like this and end up ruining it for we who don’t abuse such policies.

  3. Its good to see that they are being considerate of the military. But I agree with barracudaBob, if they focused on great service and fair pricing, they wouldn’t have to worry about people cancelling their contracts.

  4. I once lived in an area where T-mobile coverage was really really bad and I took advantage of this opportunity. I hope they have made an effort to improve their coverage as well otherwise this is being unfair to customers who still have to pay for non-existent service.

  5. good to see someone caring.

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