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RIM Talks BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 Details – Future of Video Chat?


We have heard some high level details about the upcoming BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 from RIM in the past but now we have some more juicy facts from MWC. BBNews attended a session covering the upcoming BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 and the new developer API’s it offers and I have to say its exciting. Some of the stuff is just pure gold like a file transfer API and others is just a sad excuse for a feature. With over 35 million BBM users worldwide RIM has a huge opportunity on their hands if they keep on pushing the envelope with BBM. Here is to hoping it keeps on updating BBM every 6 months!

Here is how I see the new BBM 6.0 break down.

The Good:

  • File Transfer API – This allows developers to create apps that transfer files between users without any backend infrastructure. This can also be used to transfer moves in a chess game or share the full contents of an article.
  • That same File Transfer API will also will allow for users to send songs to friends. Maybe make a VoIP call, or even send Video Chats (hopefully?) Theban says in the video this will be the infrastructure RIM will build more functionality on.
  • Initiate a game play with a BBM friend. If friend does not have the game it will direct them to App World to download it.
  • Chat with other people using an app in real time. In other words you will be seeing way more dating sites showing up with BlackBerry apps.

Check out the video:

The opportunity:

  • RIM had a huge opportunity with allowing developers to broadcast achievements. The could have created a quasi game center to save you game high scores or even allow developers to store some application settings in the cloud. Instead BBM 6.0 simply lets them edit a dumb text box on your profile. In short no awards list or global high score competitions and tournaments… Sad.
  • RIM seems to be allowing apps to update your Avatar. That could be a fun thing that would allow devs to create an avatar of the day from a source like your Picasa photo albums.
  • RIM could really make a killing if they go back into AOL 1.0 style chat rooms. You can see in App World that there are tons of users looking for friends to chat with. Somebody needs to create a sort of chat roulette or chat room app that allows you to join a chat room per topic or interest with the option to private message a user.

What do you think?

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  1. I am super excited about this. The main advantage I see is that it will allow you to create a multi-player game without having to worry about server maintenance

  2. You’re pretty much spot on Ronen. I personally would love the ability to send music files to friends since right now, I’m doing that through email while at my desk.

    As for gaming and high scores, several have mentioned how you lose your scores whenever you reboot or install a new OS version so it would be great it they moved that data to the cloud, perhaps attached it to BBM pin or App World ID.

  3. Oh, and as for dating, just look at the BBM reviews in app world…bbm pins galore 🙂

  4. Even apple has facetime.. Its time!

  5. Thanks for the summary Ronen. I totally agree with you about the missed opportunities. It would be really nice to have games scores and progress stored remotely. This would take gaming to the next level by encouraging competition. I would be all over a Copter or Doodle Jump tournament.

    The potential for chat rooms is huge as well. There are pins all over App World from people desperate to connect. The pin system is already there. Why not take advantage of it?

    As for the excitement of the speaker in the above video, I have no comment. 🙂

  6. Great article Ronen. I think they should also link BBM with video with video face chat.

  7. its like windows messenger compact…lol… good stuff, i long to rem back on top of the ball..

  8. wow 35 million bbm users.

  9. Video chat is a must. I was skyping a friend who has an iphone and I was amazed at the quality of the video and audio.

  10. Great article. I really hope that they bring video chat to BBM. I am impressed with the number of BBM users in the world. I hope they keep developing it.

  11. I’m really excited for this. I wonder if we will be seeing BB’s with front facing camera’s in the near future as well.

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