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Bolt Browser Updated to v2.5 with New UI, Geolocation, and More!

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Bitstream just squeezed some more power out of their Bolt Browser with the release of v2.5. I have not used Bolt as often since BlackBerry 6 brought a WebKit browser but there are some sites that only render correctly on the Bolt browser. The new v2.5 of Bolt raises that bar a little further with these new features:

  • Geolocation support : BOLT 2.5’s geolocation feature allows a user with a GPS enabled device to pass latitude and longitude information to location enabled websites through the browser.
  • Expanded coverage of video sites, Release 2.5 supports playback of videos on Facebook.
  • Upgrade to Webkit 5 in BOLT’s cloud.
  • Even greater HTML5 support. BOLT continues to lead the way for support of HTML5 standards amongst mobile browsers. BOLT 2.5 supports HTML5 audio and video streaming while providing the highest compliance with HTML 5 standards compared to all other browsers in the space.
  • Revamped user interface. Get access to BOLT’s most frequently used features in lesser clicks with a more streamlined layout, menu structure and help. Widgets are now available through BOLT homepage.
  • Download Manager has been upgraded to maintain download history even after the exiting the browser and resume last download after browser re-launch.

You can download the new version 2.5 of the Bolt Browser for free at Thanks Peter for the tip!

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  1. ive never used bolt, but will try it out and see how it fares vs webkit

  2. I always have bolt on standby but I still use the native BB browser 99% of the time

  3. I know it’s a more capable browser, and both my current devices have no 6.0 upgrade path in site, but I just can’t get excited about Bolt or any other browser. Without seamless integration with the OS, it’s just too much of a hassle to click a link and the BlackBerry browser launches, and I have to cut and paste the URL over into Bolt to see it over there. They had some sort of bandaid for this but it never worked very well for me. I don’t live my BlackBerry life on web sites though, so I’m probably not in their target user pool. And the web sites I DO use from my BlackBerry all seem to auto-detect my BlackBerry just fine and present me a page optimized for BlackBerry/mobile browsing.

  4. I’ve got the old version installed, but I can’t even remember the last time I used it. I wonder it this one will finally be worth it.

  5. I haven’t used Bolt in a while and I’m glad to see them give it an update.

  6. Sad that my appworld has yet to push the updates to me…but facebook videos.. Finally! 😀

  7. Has anyone tried this on the torch? Is it compatible with OS6? If yes, how does it compare to the OS 6 browser?

  8. I heard about it when it first came out then forgot about it. Downloading it now.

  9. It works tooooo slow 🙁
    Even on BlackBerry Torch.

  10. hmmm, im mixed about thiss

  11. anyone tried it and have anything to report in?

  12. its better than the previous version. though, i’d rate it 7.5/10. im using Symbian, and BOLT J2me isn’t great on Symbian. yes it works well. BUT IT WOULD WORK GREATER if it is on Symbian (SIS/SISX) format. think about it. just as Opera made their Symbian version of Opera Mini.

  13. What do you have to say?

  14. This is a good browsing site

  15. This vison is very fast and moving frequently.

  16. kirek kabeh. . . . Dancuk an.

  17. i want backlight setting and support vietnamese font on bolt java 🙂

  18. Great comments, I’ve been using Bolt browser, the most recent, and I like it a little bit better than my BB browser. (BB Bold 9700) BTW: I’m new here so let me just say, Hey !

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