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A4BB Releases Another Set of Free Memory and Battery Boosters

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One day I am hoping to be able to write an article on BerryReview about the rise and fall of (placebo) memory and battery “boosters.” Until then it made me laugh when Tony pointed out to me that we now have another set of free Memory Booster and Battery Booster in App World courtesy of A4BB. These perfectly compliment the other free booster from QuiteSimple.

Check them out at the links below:

A4BB also has two free games, a classic Copter clone and a Metrix Tetris clone, available in App World.

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  1. Do these apps really work, and if so, how?

  2. They are probably just as good as any of the paid programs for boosting memory – which is not saying a lot. At least these are free which is all the others are worth anyway. With free memory booster and flashlight programs out there maybe we’ll finally see them fall from the top 25 paid programs.

  3. i dunno how the battery booster app works. it probably turns off wifi, bluetooth and dims ur backlight when ur battery hits a certain percentage.

    the memory booster app sounds like every other memory booster app. essentially its ur memory cleaner that already comes with every bb. from what i noticed when using these memory booster apps (not the one listed in this post….haven’t tried this one yet), the free file space drops a bit but it clears up the ram so that it’ll get rid of any clock spinning that u might have. i noticed that after using the bb browser, my ram is reduced so low that the clock won’t stop spinning for a long ass time. its probably quicker if i just did a battery pull and waited for the boot up…

  4. Go for it Ronen. I think these apps are such a sham.

  5. The funny thing about these ‘placebo’ memory and battery boosting apps is they pretty much do the opposite of advertised. They take up more space (cluttering memory) and you drain your battery trying to figure out if they’re actually doing anything. Pssssst, they’re not.

  6. I am gonna download later and hope for the best

  7. I don’t feel any difference at all. Apparently, some people I know says that it indeed makes the device much smoother.

    For example, his homescreen was really laggy but with memoryup pro, its no longer the case..
    Hmm…….. Although I can’t seem reproduce it

  8. I wonder hoe it is that they actually ‘work’. I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut down other vital processes just to save some juice.

  9. I don’t believe in these kind of apps either. With the vastly improved boot-up times in recent OS builds, a battery pull is always a better solution. Also, I always carry an additional battery, thus hard resetting my phone once a day anyway.

  10. this would have been very helpful in early os6 releases!

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