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Rove Makes Their Mobile SSH Client FREE!

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Last year Rove admitted the error of their ways and re-released their powerful Mobile SSH app on the market. They released it at a $29.99 price point which was much lower than the previous $99 price tag. Now that they have some serious competition from the free BBSSH client it looks like they have taken things one step further and made Mobile SSH totally free!

The team at BBCool noticed that Rove is now listing their Mobile SSH client for free on App World. I am not sure when they made the switch but I am loving it. Mobile SSH is a solid app and at this price tag I can see tons of users picking it up. BBSSH won’t be going away from my BlackBerry anytime soon but now it lives side by side with Mobile SSH.

Rove Mobile SSH gives you the ability to connect to:

  • Unix and Linux machines
  • IBM mainframes
  • AS/400 and iSeries
  • Routers and switches

Features include:

  • Telnet
  • SSH1 and SSH2 for secure access
  • SSH2 public key authentication for enhanced security
  • User-definable shortcut keys
  • VT100 terminal emulation
  • IBM 5250 terminal emulation
  • IBM 3270 terminal emulation

You can pick up the now free version of Rove Mobile SSH at this link in App World

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  1. This is way beyond my understanding, but to all those that can use it, have fun.

  2. This is great. I was using Padersync’s SSH client until I upgraded my device and discovered that they no longer maintain the client (not much use in a lifetime license, eh?).

    I was unaware of BBSSH but I know Rove has been doing it for some time so I will check this out.

  3. This is a great! Thanks for the info…

  4. Nothing is better then something of this caliber that is free 🙂

  5. +1,
    this is GREAT news.

  6. Pretty cool. I wonder why they decided to make it free. I noticed in the features it says “user-definable shortcut keys.” Does anyone know what that is referring to? Shortcuts within the app?

  7. Great! I am forced to go through AppWorld. Where is it on Rove’s site?

  8. I am like Johnny, I dont use Appworld at all.

    if anything, ill install it, get my app and uninstall it.

    from there pull the app and create a personal OTA and store it on my memory card.

    Appworld still has way to go before i leave it installed on my device.

  9. All I see here is hassle: a company that releases an application at an obscene price tag. Then it takes quite a while to lower it to a price that is still remarkably high. Then it takes even longer to… lower the price to a reasonable amount? No! Now it’s free, which makes no sense at all. And it’s only available at App World for some unfathomable reason.

    Why bother? BBSSH has been around for a long time, it’s always been free and open source, which makes sense, and the quality is excellent. Just don’t upgrade it often, because rebooting a BlackBerry is a big pain in the ass. As long as you don’t upgrade it, BBSSH is great.

    • While I appreciate the support, this isn’t entirely fair to Rove. When they first came out with their SSH client, it was the only option – in that situation I also would have charged whatever the market would bear 😉 Too, I think what counts is what they’re doing now (releasing for free) as opposed to the past. Anything that gives people more choices at low or no cost is for the best – especially for BB, which has a stigma for overpriced apps.

  10. Glad to see this is free. However, I have had better luck with BBSSH so far. I do like that it scrolls the screen so I don’t have to have incredibly tiny text in order for it all to fit.

    • BBSSH actually support scrolling as well, starting in 2.0 and improved in the upcoming 2.0.2. Just set the scrollback buffer size to enable it.

      To scroll in BBSSH after setting the scrollback size, you do need to specifically enter “scrolling mode”, either by using the mode change shortcut (Send by default), or the menu.You can also bind a shortcut for scrolling in the View/Edit shortcut menu. (2.0.2 will make it a bit more convenient)

      All that being said — Rove does a good job at making scrolling more usable, with automatic support for both trackpad and touchscreen dragging.

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