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India Re-affirms its Demands for Access to Corporate Email

the three idiots

I am not sure how RIM is going to wiggle out of this one. According to the Hindu Business Line the Indian government reaffirmed its demands that telecom operators terminate any services that cannot be monitored to their satisfaction. Union Home Secretary Mr G K Pillai is taking a new approach just demanding it from the licensed Telecom operators and having them deal with RIM. The thing is there is nothing RIM can do…

My favorite part is that these Indian officials continue to be totally oblivious to how the internet works. Any smartphone that is capable of a VPN connection (including the iPhone, Android, Symbian, etc) is practically impossible for them to monitor. RIM’s corporate email is simply an always on VPN connection. Unless Indian officials are so clueless that they want to ban practically every laptop or smartphone they seem to be holding RIM to a different standard. Better yet if you have an SSH client on a laptop or even a smartphone you are once again capable of traffic that these rocket scientists in the Indian government want to monitor but are totally incapable of doing so.

All in all this could be a huge blow to RIM if they don’t find a way to smooth it over. On the other hand it seems like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place…

Thanks Tashanna for the tip!

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  1. i cant understand why they would want so much control.

    And if RIM bows to them, how much security is at risk?

    • All of it… No companies would have secure information at all. All company secrets would be available in some form, meaning if someone wanted to gain the secure information for every single company in once place, they would know where to target.

  2. I hope they can reach an amicable agreement.

  3. Ideally, there should be big press article about how some phone encryption cannot be cracked by the Indian Government. Once that gets publicity in India, let’s hope that the powers that be understand the situation better.

  4. India will be looking at a trade complaint from Canada if they don’t apply the same standard to everyone.

  5. I’ve grown weary of hearing about India and this RIM business. Its just become a drag really hearing about it every single day.

  6. I’ve also had enough of them. To hell with India. RIM should pull out of there and let them manage without them. This is a slippery slope; subvert people’s privacy and other countries will want the same. I’m sure India will do fine without the BB.

  7. Huge Blow, I am not agreeing with that. RIM just needs to stand their ground. If they loose 2 or 3 carriers, 1 or 2 countries over this, I honestly dont believe it is going to hurt. Security is priority 1, if the Gov or Carrier dont like it then they have lost in investing this much so far.

    • Well, the fact is india is a large pie to lose.
      On the bright side, I have a plan. Comeon blackhats! Its time to give the stupid indian (not racist, but from their actions now, it seems so to me) that taste of it. Time to leak all of their innovation secrets and emails that are sent over such unsecured channels and see what they say. Close their home-grown companies down because they no longer have an competitive edge?

  8. Lol Terrence, image that

    they create backdoor and via RIM loosening security everything gets leaked!

  9. Do you really believe that the US government has no backdoor access to all BlackBerry communication? Come on. The Indian government just wants the same thing.

  10. Im sure i cant look at the presidents e-mails, so y can he peep at mine? is my conversation with my woman rely that interesting to congress?

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