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Are You In Love With Your BlackBerry?

We all love our BlackBerry. But how much do you love yours? Enough to give it more time, money and affection than other people? I came across an article on the Canoe website about a recent study done at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University where they evaluated the phenomenon of ‘material possession love.’ They studied car, bicycle, gun and computer enthusiasts and found that “some consumers become emotionally attached to possessions as real substitutes in what resembles human relationships.” Sounds pretty crazy but is it really that hard to believe? How many times have you seen someone cradling their berry in their hands, fixated on the screen, gently (or furiously) typing on the keyboard with complete disregard to nearby family and friends? What about someone who has a case for every day of the week AND every holiday in the year? Do you know someone that would likely pluck their BlackBerry from an icy river before rescuing a loved one? Some might call that an obsession. Others might call it true love.

So what about you? Do you have a pet name for your beloved berry? Do you spend most of your paycheque on cases, chargers, apps, themes and games for your one true love?

So why don’t you marry it?

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  1. I have a wife and kids, so I don’t spend my money on my Berry, but it gets most of my time. I spend all day reading about it, playing with it, and learning as much as I can about it. My wife tells me to leave it alone all the time. I don’t think my obsession with my phone will end any time soon.

  2. Its caused quite a bit of friction with friends and family.I am unable to ignore a red blinking light… But when they are the reason behind the red blinking light and I answer right away all is forgoten for the time being

  3. i love my bb but lately its been on a timeout. plus i kinda feel that its getting outdated really quick…..

    ok ok….i admit it. my bb is outdated. i just can’t be without it….eventho its been off the past month, its still beside me as a calendar reminder, alarm clock and a watch.

  4. I absolutely love my BB. I’ll agree at times i feel rather outdated but no matter how i twist it, I cant do without my BB. There’s just something about it that other phones dont have.

  5. Inappropriate, but…

    Well there was a guy in a nearby state that married his horse. And we’ve all heard about Richard Greer and hamsters. So….

  6. I like it, enjoy it, it’s definitely a hobby but I don’t love it.

  7. i love my BB, and happy my fiance got one too so we can
    ‘Share the Love”

  8. If you’re not sure if you love your BlackBerry or not, try installing the I Love Blackberry app from EarlySail. I bet you’ll be as surprised as me to see just how much you use the thing!

  9. helll noooo, my blackberry is sexy, but i cant make love to it!

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