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RIM Releases Free BlackBerry Travel App – Did RIM Buy/License WorldMate?

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It looks like some developers at RIM have been working over the weekend probably to prepare for MWC. Dshcpa pointed out in the forums that RIM has released a new BlackBerry Travel app today which they announced in their forums. The app looks really cool and is chock full of features but has me really scratching my head. There are already two really good travel apps for BlackBerry from WorldMate and TripIt. Did RIM license one of them or did they simply create a competitor? The app seems to have many of the features found in WorldMate which has me thinking. Did RIM buy WorldMate?

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Either way the new BlackBerry Travel app automatically takes the travel booking confirmation emails you get and updates the Travel app with the updates. You can also have your calendar automatically updated and the new app makes use of the Push API for updates. You also get flight status and change notifications automatically. The app also provides a connection with LinkedIn just like WorldMate to see who is in the same city as you. Last but not least there is also supposed to be some “Desktop Component” that will allow users to book flights and car rentals as well as print and edit itineraries but I have yet to find it.

NOTE: This app is only available in the US, UK, Canada, and… Spain. My guess for MWC 2011 this week. The other oddity is that it supports a random set of devices like the 8350i but not the 9100. Otherwise it has a nice support set.

You can pick up the new Travel app in App World at this link. They have a new help page for the app along with the following knowledge base entries:

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  1. I didn’t use either TripIt or World Mate so I can’t answer your questions, don’t know.

    Travel though, definitely a very cool app though. Runs very smooth, so far at least, lots of features, interface looks very slick too.

  2. I’m with Daniel as it relates to my experience with the aforementioned apps. I noticed Blackberry Travel while looking through App World and it seems to be pretty nice so far. Personally, I tend to use apps made by RIM over others because of how they integrate with my device. It’s just a personal preference, so Travel is a welcomed addition by me and I hope it gains features to make it a top notch travel app.

  3. I hope they licensed or bought Worldmate.

    RIM should definitely focus more on building hardware and fixing their OS / API issues than creating competition for their few left loyal 3rd party app developers. Last time it was Ubertwitter…

  4. Did anyone else notice the February 21, 2011 date? Is this date important or are these pictures from the (very) near future? Interesting.
    The app looks well presented. I wish the OS had some of these polished looks!

  5. Anyone can share the app in .cod ? Cause I cannot download due restriction from carrier, I’m using 9780.

  6. RIM to allow android apps to run on PlayBook tablet … ??

  7. It’s very good news for traveling mania….congratz!!!

  8. One of the settings for Notifications, takes you out of the app to the browser. The URL of this page is:

    So it’s definitely a worldmate app.

    What I don’t seem to see, is anyway to edit/manage your data from the desktop. Seems to be mobile only. Maybe that’s something Worldmate kept for itself. On the plus side, it DOES seem to have flight notifications enabled… which is something you have to pay Worldmate $49 a year for. Very interesting.

  9. wonderful to see!

  10. These are the combinations I’d like to see:

    BlackBerry Travel + Viggo – A BlackBerry type newspaper For travelers on the go.

    BlackBerry Traffic + BlackBerry Maps – For easier navigation.

    BlackBerry Podcasts + BlackBerry Media Player – All in one media.

    • Viigo is still out there but now that RIM owns Viigo, I think they’ll eventually discontinue it and push Blackberry Feeds.

    • Blackberry Feeds integrates with your inbox so I’m not sure there is a need to integrate it with Blackberry Travel.

      Good point, they could definitely add more functionality to Traffic and Maps app.

      Blackberry Podcasts and Media are already integrated as podcasts you subscribe to will show up in the media app.

  11. I just got this on my torch and looks pretty impressive. I like what RIM is doing so far. I expect great things from them this year. Can’t wait.

  12. Seriously RIM? Not available for the Tour? FAIL!

  13. Is anyone else having trouble getting it to register? I put in my email address and the password I want and click Register but nothing happens.

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