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Stressed? Take It Out On a StressBerry!

Ever have one of those days where the bad news just keeps on coming? Do you keep getting messages that have nothing good to say? Things just aren’t going your way? Have you ever been tempted to throw your BlackBerry on the ground and stomp on it repeatedly while shaking your fist at the sky and screaming? This can prove to be a costly hobby.

Unless you have a few StressBerrys ready to take the beating at a fraction of the price! That’s right. StressBerry is the most cost effective solution to true stress relief: smashing the snot out of your favorite smartphone. At only $2.66 from you can afford to have a few in your pocket AND some in your briefcase. StressBerry is there for you when you need an outlet for extreme rage and frustration. Give it a try! If you act fast, you will receive iSpaz as a special bonus!

NOTE: iSpaz is not a real product…but it should be

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  1. Why did they not make a more “recent” design? like more resemblance to the new bold/torch instead on 8707..

  2. isnt this what my old 8700r is for?

  3. They should put a small little explosive inside so when you throw it, it blows up! Now that would be satisfying.

  4. I looked at the before on ebay but like everybody has commented it looks to old to be even worth buying

  5. Terrence, you are right, that vodaphone promotion looks mint.

  6. Many a day, sitting my Storm on top of my batting T sounds like a wonderful idea………..

  7. i would much prefer to throw a rock through a window…. lol

  8. more fart apps could relieve stress too.

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