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Slide to Unlock My Non-touch BlackBerry!

Its nice to have a password protected BB, but its also annoying when you have to enter it EVERY time you want to use it. I’ve noticed that my 8900 running doesn’t lock all the time now though, which I like. To password lock it, I either hit the shortcut ‘k’ or actually click the ‘Password Lock’ icon.

For those of us that don’t have a touchscreen berry, we miss out on some cool apps like PatternLock that make it relatively easy to unlock your password protected device.

I came across a tip on the BlackBerry Cool twitter feed that is pretty neat. Set your password to “bnm$”. Then to unlock, all you do is start with b and slide over to the enter key. Its kind of fun and reminds me of the iPhone “slide to unlock” function. You can make it longer as well if you want to feel more secure. It could be, “cvbnm$” if you want.

I know that some of you have no choice when it comes to setting a password or not. Most corporate BBs on BES require you to set a password. I think this is an interesting solution. I tried it for a few days then scrapped it only because I was starting to get ‘nintendo thumb’ (if you don’t get that, ask someone who’s 26-30) from constantly sliding across the keyboard.

Also, beware if you set this up cause now I know how to unlock ALL OF YOUR BLACKBERRYS!

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  1. If your BES requires your pswd have a number, you can just slide up with: 0xde, then you still have to hit the touchpad or enter.

    • Great idea Nikolaus! That would work well if you slide up with your left thumb then hit enter with your right. You could really come up with any string of keys that works best for you.

  2. Very interesting. I would never use this.

  3. That a hilarious way to unlock a phone. Fantastic

  4. Very resourceful…. ill have to try it out.


  6. Very creative, as long as you don’t mind blistered thumbs!

  7. Very interesting. But I would never use it 🙂

  8. I thought it was a dumb idea when I saw it tipped over there and still do. Just find a nice balance with the timeout settings. And if your BlackBerry isn’t auto-locking per settings, its got problems that NEED to be fixed!

    • Fair enough. Just to clarify, my problem was not that it wasn’t auto-locking like it should. I have my timeout set to the max (1hr) because if I have a password set, I want to have to enter it as little as possible. This still gives me the peace of mind that my phone is protected but doesn’t bug me constantly. I like that I have the choice to either lock my berry with the lock key on the top of the phone, or lock it with a password by hitting k or the lock icon. I just thought this was an interesting solution for those who have no choice but to have a password.

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