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Rewards Contest Reminder – Win a BlackBerry PlayBook!


HappyCatThis is just a reminder that our February BerryReview Rewards Contest Redux is in full swing with a BlackBerry PlayBook (base model) when it is publicly available or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate as the prize. The best part is that it is super easy to enter!

Every comment, forum post, and tip submission you make on BerryReview during the month of February 2011 will be counted as an entry to win. That means every forum post or comment you contribute increases your chances of winning! (Spammy behavior will get your disqualified)

You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest and the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of March. You can check out all the details and official rules in the announcement post. If you have any questions comments leave a comment on that post.

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  1. Just a thank you for creating a contest that is absolutely amazing!

  2. wooo~~~ awesome … thank for the amazing contest … i love berryreview, i like blackberry, i want playbook!!!

  3. I want a playbook very much!

  4. Folks…head on over to the forums! Don’t see something interesting, start a new topic. Let’s kick it up over there!

  5. Thanks again for this other chance to win a playbook

  6. I feel like winning again, thanks for the contest.

  7. Best contest out there.

  8. Let´s hope the Playbook will be competitive to the iDevices from the consumer´s point of view. The amount and quality of apps will be essential here. From the enterprise point of view I doubt that it will be successful without the “enterprise only” or “mixed” modus where policies can be applied and the BES can be used to connected to the enterprise network …

  9. This is an awesome contest. With this being my first entry, I hope I win :). I’ve been waiting for the playbook for months and can’t wait for it to hit the market.

  10. Playbook! wohoo

  11. wow. i would really really really love that 😀

  12. I would like to win this playbook.

  13. playbook would be a great device. thanks berryreview for contests

  14. And remember, the playbook would be preloaded with need for speed undercover and tetris 😀

  15. sweet. this would be a nice additon to my BB Torch 9800

  16. Hopefully I will win something, I am excited about the new Playbook

  17. I love the PlayBook. Thanks for the contest.

  18. I am hoping that the playbook hits the market with lots of apps, the option to do standard email with out a BB tethered.

  19. This is just another great prize that Berry Review is giving away! You gotta love it!

  20. Good luck all~

    Can’t wait to get mine :)

  21. Playbook? Yes please!

  22. What a great contest! I would really like to win!

  23. I’m entering the contest!

  24. i’d like to develop apps for the Playbook, but first, i need one ! Thanks BerryReview !

  25. love to win one…

  26. SEND IT MY WAY!!
    i love yelling

  27. Berryreview forums are really helpful! I would love to be viewing this forum on a playbook right now

  28. Count me in. I’d love a PlayBook

  29. I want a playbook very much :-)
    Thank you.

  30. I’m glad to see they decided to run another contest. It would be sweet to win a new Playbook.

    • It’s so annoying when it doesn’t register your posts. I thought I was logged in when I posted, but after the message showed up, there it was – Not Registered.

      • Bob,
        Just make sure you are logged in to the site up there at the top of the page before you enter a comment. Or down at the bottom of the page if you’re viewing the “mobile” version of the site. If you’re correctly logged in it will say so just above the box where you type in your comments.

  31. This is exciting :)
    Although I think you might want to make a correction in your announcement. It says above that

    “the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of February”

    I think you meant to say at the end of February :)

  32. A lot of time and effort has been made to create tools for the modern business. The PlayBook will take that mind set to a new level. I am looking forward to being able to R&D one for a true sense of how far I can take my team into the future. I not only would like one..
    I need one to be one of those that can “leap”.

  33. Thanks for having this contest. I am truly enjoying Berry Review. Keep up the good work.

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