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Go Reader – Another Google Reader Client for BlackBerry


I always have an ear to the ground for Google Reader clients for my BlackBerry. Since RIM purchased Viigo and managed to make it less useful I have been looking for a replacement. Don let us know about a new Google Reader client for BlackBerry called Go Reader by RoblesTech. The app is pretty much no frills but it has some features I have not seen in other apps like swiping between articles on touchscreen BlackBerrys though it is still missing some refinement. On the other hand it seems to be nicely optimized for memory usage especially with its 160Kb footprint.

Features include the ability to:

  • Access your All Items, Starred Items, a Folder or a Feed for Reading
  • Manage subscription Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  • Share articles via Google Reader™
  • Send articles via email
  • Swipe Left or Right on an screen to go next or previous article (touch screen devices only)
  • Hover over an article to open a popup for easy changing Star/Like/Share/Read of an article (touch screen devices only W/OS 6)
  • Support for YouTube™ videos (display video image and stream video on BlackBerry® Native Browser)
  • Mark articles as read Automatic/Manual
  • Show articles All Items/Unread Items
  • Manage connection Automatic/Wifi
  • Optimized for minimum memory and battery usage

My current favorite RSS reader is BerryReader which does a great job of synching with my Google Reader account. While Go Reader is a great step in the right direction it needs more features like Twitter sharing along with more customization options. What it does have over BerryReader is a price advantage. Go Reader is available now in App World for $2.99 at this link. Let us know if you give it a spin!

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  1. Just purchased it. Way better than BerryReader! Just like Viigo when it first came out!

  2. Thanks for the info. I plan on checking it out later.

  3. Looks really nice. I already bought BerryReader and it is pretty good but there also seems to be a lot of bugs and I have seen an update for it in quite some time. If this is better, I’ll probably switch.

  4. If BerryReader would just add swipe to change articles I would be mostly thrilled with it. It DOES leak memory almost as bad as Viigo did though. Usually sucks my Storm down to 0 bytes free in about two days a requires a QuickPull to free up the RAM.

    Very interested in this alternative if it’s lighter on the memory draw. But they need to offer a free trial, like 15 or 30 days or something. Yeah, $3 ain’t much, but it’s more than I want to throw away if it turns out to not work out for me.

  5. I just stick to the web version mostly.

  6. im still trying to decide if to even try it out…..still not convinced

  7. Thanks for the wonderful insights and comparisons. I am not really sure if this is something I need at this time but it gives me a great starting point to investigate it when I have time.

  8. Having seen the consequences when companies get stuck in “Acquisition Mode”, I get a bit nervous about their future. However, I do believe that acquiring QNX was wise and necessary. TAT may well also prove to be a smart move.

    It would seem to me that it may be wiser to hire a company to do some fresh designing rather than acquiring the company. If the designs are not well received in the test market you go to another design firm. If their designs work out, then maybe talk acquisition.

  9. Well, no trial period in app world so I went ahead and bought it. So, since I have both BeReader and Go Reader now, I’ll post a review in the forums in a couple days.

    • A comparison review would be cool.
      Have you in the past used Viigo? Or tried the RIM News Feeds app? Comparing to those would be nice too if you can.

      • lol, I actually have all 4 running on my device right now. Overkill? Perhaps. But I love trying apps out.

        BeReader and Go Readers are Google Reader clients where as with Viigo & News Feeds, you’re actually setting up your subscriptions within the app.

        Give me a couple of days to put together a review, not sure if I’ll compare all 4 together or compare BeReader with Go Reader and Viigo with Feeds. Any preference or requests for what to comment on, so far, I have speed, interface, ease of use….

  10. Way to go…

  11. if it was free I would try it, I will wait til I see more reviews before i jump.

  12. Alright, I’m working on a review of Blackberry Feeds, Viigo, Go Reader and BeReader. Just need a couple days, probably this weekend.

  13. Go Reader just came out with an update in AppWorld, fixed some bugs.

  14. No BES and BIS?!? No good then…

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