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Kik Responds to RIM’s Lawsuit with a Statement of Defence and Counterclaim

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It is interesting to see RIM in the plaintiff role in trademark and patent infringement cases like this current one with Kik. The details have been scarce until now with RIM mostly staying silent and Kik denying all wrong doing. A bit back we got some more details on how RIM was suing Kik for confidentiality, trademark infringement, and patent infringement. Now thanks to Kik’s Statement of Defence and Counterclaim we know a little more about their side of the story.

You can read the whole PDF at this link but Kik is more or less claiming that their CEO did not have access to any RIM BBM source code or planning while working at RIM. They are also claiming that the only reason RIM has raised the issue is because of the “overnight success of Kik.”

We will learn more as the trial progresses but David Lam has a nice analysis on his blog at this link. (via CrackBerry)

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  1. Wonder who will win this case.

    • I don’t think RIM would sue without having something to back up their claims. I could see a settlement but if Kik doesn’t back down and RIM has enough data to back their claims I could see RIM wining this. But if Kik has a good defense team they may have a chance.

  2. At first glance I thought it would be settled, but its looking like neither party is backing down. I’m gonna go with RIM on this one though. Like Luis said, they likely had a good reason to start this.

  3. Even if Kik won though and the case was dismissed, wouldn’t they have to sue RIM to get back into App World? RIM could still say, yeah, we lost but we’re not letting you back into App World, good luck being out there on your own…am I right?

    • It’d be even harder than that. The FCC started investigating the Apple app store approval policies after the Google Voice fiasco.

      It would basically take something similar for them to “force” their way into Appworld.

  4. It was an overhyped app anyway. I downloaded it and right away was like, this is useless. Nothing to keep me on that platform at all.

    • Nothing against Kik but the sucked, there was no options for security, and there was no way to make things private same with the whatsup messenger app. I deleted them both just because I had no use for them and the lack of customization.

      • Yeah, Kik scanned my contacts as part of initial install, I didn’t even have a chance to set priveleges. Already had 3 contacts waiting the first time I used it.

  5. I think RIM is going to win this. I agree that they wouldn’t have sued if they couldn’t back it up. Kik is in for some trouble if they don’t drop it.

  6. Just give it up kik. But it was a fine app indeed

  7. lmao…. Kik came with the ”you dont like me caz im hot” statement. lol

  8. bah i hate this he said she said BS…. I

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