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Office Depot to Sell the 16GB PlayBook Starting at $499.99


This is the first time we have seen any price tag on the Blackberry PlayBook, a screenshot from Office Depot internal inventory shows the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB priced at $499.99. The in store date  is set to week 17 which is likely the end of March or  early April. Back at Devcon we were told that the price range would be around $500  and that looks to be the case with the base model if the price show on these leaked screenshot stays the same.

Some of the key features listed:

  • Wirelessly tether for your BlackBerry for E-mail, Calendar, Address Book and task list
  • [Dual HD Video Camera for crystal clear video conferencing
  • Full adobe Flash 10.1 enabled

So what do you think are you willing to spend  $500 dollar for the Base model or will you be willing to pay  a few $100 or more for the 32GB version? Don’t’ hold me to those figures, there is no telling how much the higher memory versions will cost.

Source: CB

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  1. I hope this is only the beginning of more to come.

  2. looks like i chose wisely 🙂

  3. great to see!

  4. I’m trying to be the next winner. Its good to see that RIM isn’t going down the same road as Motorola and coming out with a ridiculous price.

  5. BOO!! Should be coming out in Late Feb or Early March, and for 16 GB I’d pay $350, for 32 I’d pay $400, and for 64 I’d pay $50. The rumors that this will fail will be true if they stick to make it so expensive!!!

    The 16 GB MaxiPAD is $499, so can’t RIM sell it for $399 or $449?

    • $350 starting price is a bit far fetched. The Xoom kind of set the market for these kinds of specs unfortunately.

      Apple is able to get huge discounts on its parts with its purchasing power.

    • I was hoping to see a $399 price tag on the base model but yeah if RIM sticks to this price I can see most people shy away from it for the Lol MaxiPad

  6. $499 seems like a reasonable price to me.

  7. I don’t think its expensive for something without a contract. Im sure it will be less for the subsidized versions.

  8. The Xoom did set the bar for higher prices.

  9. I was hoping for a 399 or even (gasp) a 299 price point – something that would really make them stand out in the consumer market.

  10. 500 is a reasonable price 🙂 cannot wait

  11. Great to see some pricing details coming out. Pretty much what I was expecting for a base model off contract PB. With specs like it has, it would be tough for RIM to go much lower.

    Hopefully there are discounts for contracts with the 3G/4G versions. I’m not sure if I would need more connectivity than wi-fi though. Especially since I can bridge it with my BB.

  12. I think I will bite the bullet and shell out for the 32gb version. I don’t think I would need more than the 16gb of storage, but I think the 32 would future-proof me. The pricing is exactly what I thought it would be, so I’m not surprised at all. Those expecting a lower price are dreaming….you couldn’t get a entry level Pearl 3G or 9300 for $300 (without a contract).

  13. I’m hoping amazon can offer it for 449 and ill put my preorder in right away.

  14. Too much, cheaper cheaper….

  15. 500 is reasonable to me if I will be able to bridge to my BlackBerry and browse the web.

  16. No external memory.. 32gb pls

  17. $499 retail is great – this price will probably. Go down once it hits the market.

    Here’s a quick recap:

    1. Motorola 3G ( Upgradeable to 4G) Xoom Tablet will cost $799 with a contract to Verizon.

    2. IPad 2 – (1.) Will still not have flash; (2.) Will not have the retna display that other IPhones have; (3.) May not have front camera; (4.) Will not have 4G (Only 3G)

    3. BlackBerry Playbook: (1.) Will have Wifi, 3G and 4G versions;(2.) Has the capability to bridge with your BlackBerry to get 3G – don’t have to pay for it; (3.) Will have Flash and Flash based apps; (4.) Has True Multiasking (unlike the IPad) able to run even multiple open GL programs at one time; (5.) Is enterprise BIS ready (unlike other tablets).

    Playbook wins.

    • Very helpful comparison/recap. I’ll admit, I haven’t been following the tablet market as much and so I’m not as informed as I am on smartphones. Maybe as more start coming out…

  18. $499 also sets up great room for discounts and specials which we might rarely see.

    This is also an introductory price, everything might change closer to the date.

    • If the prices are all over the board, I’m hoping Costco has it. Love their 90 return policy. No questions asked and they honor price adjustments too.

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