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Congressman + BlackBerry Torch + Craigslist = Bad Photo

Congressman Torch

David just sent me an email titled “Famous BlackBerry Torch Sighting” so I decided to check it out. Now I kind of wish I would have passed. Turns out that mixing Congressmen and Craigslist with a dash of BlackBerry Torch does not end well. I won’t comment on why a married official thought it would be a brilliant idea to solicit women on Craigslist but did he have to use a picture of him topless holding a BlackBerry Torch? Better yet does anybody believe him that this is the only picture he had?

Check out the story over at Gawker if you dare

PS: With 70% of prostitutes preferring a BlackBerry to look business-like it seems like the Love BlackBerry slogan is taking on a whole new meaning. 🙂

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  1. So funny.

  2. Hahaha! “I’m just relaxing at home?” He’ll be doing a lot more of that now that he’s unemployed. Not the smartest guy. He used a gmail account tied to his real FB profile. Wow.

  3. What a turd. If you have no real skill, become a politician.

  4. He’s brillient. Not!

  5. I found this story to be humorous. But the Wired article on how the guy followed over 200 prostitutes making “good” money (good as in a lot, not good as in ethical/morally) is even more hilarious.

  6. i have the same phone lol

  7. Disturbing on multiple levels.

  8. I guess he resigned…..

  9. Politicians never learn do they. Isn’t it amazing that these dunder-heads are running our country?

  10. What can I say? These are the men who decide our destiny. So many of them have no qualms scrutinising other people’s behaviour, when in fact they’re no different or better. Hypocrisy of the highest order.

  11. lmao…

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