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AT&T Rolling Out New Unlimited Calling to Any Mobile Number


AT&T quietly announced a new feature that they are launching tomorrow that while not exactly free is still a little interesting. They are going to start offering their customers unlimited calls to any mobile US number no matter what the carrier though there are a few gotchas. You need to be on AT&T’s unlimited messaging plan ($20/month for individuals and $30/month for family plans) and you need to be on a “select” individual or family plan. My guess they are doing that to rule out the bottom two tiers of family and individual plans like they have done in the past.

Still if you are on a “select” plan and plan on getting or already have AT&T’s unlimited messaging plan then you can sign up tomorrow for unlimited mobile calling at

via Phone Scoop

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  1. Sprint is already doing this and is pronably gonna be cheaper.

  2. Hmmm… we already have the unlimited messaging for the family and the 2100 minute plan. Let’s see if this will be better than the “a-list” they had previously.

  3. if you have tons of rollover minutes, why would you want this. Besides, I cant even remember the last time I called someone. Its all text and facebook that gets me in touch with people.

  4. For one sprint is CDMA and I like to talk and surf the web if I need to. 😉

    I can agree about the rollover minutes. However, those that are eating away at their minutes this will be beneficial in the long run. I mean heck, if it doesn’t cost any extra I am game. I was already able to drop the early night/weekends by adding the most called numbers to the a-list.

  5. why cant Canada have options like this?

  6. I wish canada would have this

  7. Yet another example of AT&T’s ignorance towards low to mid-tier plans. I have a family plan with 3 lines, and have come to realise that we need something in the region of 900 minutes. Interestingly, they have a plan with 700 anytime minutes, which is not eligible for A-list. The next tier jumps straight to 1400, is eligible for A-list, and accumulates about 500 roll-over per month. Clearly, I will never use my roll-over, but on the other hand, I couldn’t stay on 700 for more than couple of months. So, I would venture and say that this latest feature will benefit very few if any customers!

    • yeah I get screwed by that too. I just got my wife to talk less and now we are down to the 550 minute plan. 🙂 we still have about 2000 minutes in rollover if we need it. Kinda sad/nice how little I talk on the phone.

      • I’m glad you were able to accumulate 2000. One thing I forgot to mention. Anytime you downgrade a plan, they only let you keep roll-over minutes equivalent to your new anytime limi. I had over 10000, only got 700 now.

    • I agree. I have a family plan with the 700 minutes and I have probably 800 rollovers. I had heard about the A-List feature and now this but am not eligible for either unfortunately. I’m not about to jump up to the next level though.

  8. Carriers are constantly researching usage and tweaking their plans accordingly. They walk the fine line of competing with other carriers and trying to entice new customers. Seems like they don’t care much about retention the way they treat on-contract people though.

    We get totally hosed in Canada. There are 1 and 2 year contracts, but if you don’t want to take out a mortgage to get the latest phone, you pretty much have to go with the 3 yr sentence.

  9. Jay, that is a good point, and yes we do get hosed. but at least we have good retentions departments.

    ive negotiated new devices 18 months into contracts.

    • I’m getting a new phone every 12 months, probably because we’ve got 3 lines. But that’s beside the point, since I’m paying for this device throughout the year by being forced to an excessive plan.

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