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T-Mobile Valentines Day Promotion – Every Phone Free on Feb 11th and 12th

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T-Mobile spilled the beans this week on their Valentine’s Day promotion. They will be offering every phone in their catalog for free on February 11th and 12th. Obviously these phones are only free with a 2 year contract but their is no word on how they will treat upgrade customers. The deal is also limited to only “participating” retail stores so I don’t think it will be available on their website.

That means you should be able to pick up their BlackBerry Bold 9780 for free next week! Full details can be found in their press release.

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  1. Wow, that is an impressive promotion. I’m a little surprised carriers don’t do things like this more often. We all know they make way more than enough over a 2 or 3 year contract to cover the cost of the newest device 2 or 3 times over.

  2. Well, T-Mobile has been know to have some really good specials. Sometimes I miss it.

  3. Instead of having free phones why don’t they spend some money on their network. I’m still waiting to get 3G but the towns all around me have had it for quite some time.

    • There are a lot of towns in my area that don’t have T-Mobile 3G

      • And that’s sad. Verizon and ATT have 3G in most places including my town and I am stuck with slo poke EDGE. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 8 years and am tired of defending them. No 3G by the middle of next year and I’m walking.

  4. This might just be the push I needed to get me to ditch team Blackberry and switch to team Windows 7 with the HD7. Hmmmm….

    • lol, you’ll need a bigger push…. remember your a Blackberry_Junkie 😀

      • That was a couple years ago before Blackberry fell off the edge of technology. Hate to say it but continuing to ascribe to the doctrine of Blackberry is starting to only mean that you’re either old or you have a hard time letting go of a device that’s at least 2-3 steps behind it’s competitors. As it stands already, Blackberry’s losing market share every quarter.

        I’d really loved to be WOWWW’d by RIM but based on how they’re trending it ain’t gonna happen. Maybe adding a Playbook to my life will be the game changer. *wink*

        • I definitely agree with you, i even have a samsung captivate as my main device, it reminded me so much of the storm2 i have. i would love to say ill get the storm3 because it is high end and instep with competitors… but i don’t believe it would be….

  5. nice to see, too bad they dont offer offers for existing customers unhappy with their devices that are currently locked in to a contract.

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