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RIM Discontinuing Flickr BlackBerry App on March 1t?


I saw this earlier for a second on RIM’s website and then it disappeared. Luckily Google Reader managed to catch the headline and a few lines of text. RIM posted an article in their Knowledge Base titled “Discontinuation of Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry Smartphones.” Now the link heads to a “You are not authorized to access this document” link but here is the first few lines of the article:

As of March 1st, 2011, BlackBerry smartphone users will not be able to download or use the Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry smartphones to wirelessly upload images from a…

It looks like we might be seeing the end of the Flickr app from RIM. Kind of sad since there is no really viable 3rd party replacement and I am still pissed that RIM scrapped their Picasa app. The writing was on the wall for the Flickr app since it did not support the BlackBerry 9800 and according to App World has not been updated since May of 2009.

Still its a damn shame to see RIM drop a social app like Flickr. I just wish they would replace it with an app that would have plugins and the ability to upload pictures to all the photo sharing sites…

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  1. Maybe a developer will take it up and continue it… or maybe they will re optimize and release with playbook

  2. Too bad, I’ve really missed it on my 9800

  3. I have never been a flickr user but that sucks for those that are.

  4. Perhaps 6.1 is going to have some really cool photo uploader tool fully integrated into the OS? One could only hope that in 2011 RIM would get with this, but alas that leaves behind what about 50 million folks who don’t have (and won’t have for a WHILE) the latest device from RIM. Its sad they orphan an app like this.

  5. Does that mean it will no longer work after March 1st or you just won’t be able to download it?

    • Well, the snippet said “download or use”….so if the leak is true that sorta implies it stops working completely on that day.

      • I wasn’t sure what was “implied” so I appreciate your response. Thank you.

        • Well since the info was pulled we are all just speculating. But in my mind “use” means even if you already have it after then it stops working. Which is sad to see a useful app sunsetted in this way, IF its true.

  6. I thought Picasa was promising too! Then it totally disappeared.

  7. I was amazed that they even made the app in the first place…
    Flickr, (I never got in the groove for Picasa yet) is a professional photographer’s heaven and when I upload photos to my account, they have to be very hi res, good quality and worth downloading as a desktop background. With that said, you can’t upload your hi res pictures to your account from your phone now…lol 😀
    Did they have a Picasa app before? 😮

  8. i really hope this isnt so……

  9. I saw this article today and was surprised. However, I’ll probably start using Flickr from my playbook once it arrives and since the internet is fully functioning, guess we won’t be needing an app anymore?

  10. Definitely right though, without Flickr, the Picasa app gone, there isn’t much out there for online photo albums.

  11. In my opinion it was one of the worst apps – never worked right

    Upload always used to fail on slower connections and used to work reliably only on Wi-Fi

    I still rely on the reliable Email in Blackberry to upload photos to flickr 🙂

  12. Really Venu?
    I had nothing but great success.

    • I guess you were either on Wi-Fi or 3G – on EDGE it never worked for me

      Try resend – it fails; I asked BlackberryHelp on Twitter – they said something about the app requiring good wireless signal !

  13. Venu, Ive used it many times on both… im mainly on WiFi, but my signal is -65 to -70db 90% of the time, so i always had a great connection on 3G

  14. For those who are blessed enough to have the SocialScope Lite beta, Flickr is included, so for those of us who have it, it’s still going to be there in a sense.

  15. Yeah Susan, SocialScope has replaced my flickr app, but by instinct i still use it as habit.

  16. thats good call. People will still be able to use flickr on socialscope. Maybe in the finalized version, they will offer more options as well.

  17. I couldn’t get this on my torch so i probably wont be missing it anyway.

  18. I’ve never even tried it.

  19. Good riddance.. i didn’t even use it. I feel for those who would miss it though.

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