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Does Your BlackBerry Bold 9780 “Stutter” or “Double Type”?

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A little after the BlackBerry Bold 9780 officially launched I have been hearing randomly about an issue plaguing certain users almost at random. Quite a few users are reporting that their devices are stuttering while typing (for the lack of a better word). For example, you would press the spacebar and it would input two presses or you would press any letter and it would input the letter twice.

I tried doing some digging myself since Venu brought the issue to my attention and so far it seems to be a manufacturing defect. I used a 9780 for about a month and did not have the problem but users from around the world are reporting that software solutions like OS updates are not solving the problem. The majority of complaints seem to come from devices manufactured in Mexico but there are exceptions. The best collective conversation of the issue is in this thread on CrackBerrys forums but there are many other reports even on the official BlackBerry forums.

So far the only solution has been sending in the device for replacement though others have tried replacing the keyboard themselves but that voids the warranty. I thought I would shed a bit of light on the issue and let all of you report back if you are running into the same issue. Let us know in the comments if you have been having any keyboard issues on your Bold 9780 and where it was manufactured.

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  1. Anything to do with OS releases? Just a thought! Its like the torch, hearing all kinds of weird things happening here and there. But never once have I had a problem. Most are those upgrading to OS leaks.

  2. My gf has compained about this a few times

  3. My 9700 OS 5 (latest official ATT release) my “s” double types every now and then.
    I don’t think this is related to that phone alone.

  4. I don’t have a 9780, but I have heard of this happening to people. The 2 people I know that have one, have not complained to me about it, and have never mentioned it.

  5. Hungary 2 device here with no problems. Had it since Jan 9th 2011.

  6. no problems with mine. like GrumpyButtFunny said it could be an OS issue. i installed the latest OS but it was a leaked version and not the official at&t one. Both are the same OS number.

    But no issues besides that it takes forever to restart when i do a battery pull.

  7. i’m using a blackberry 9780 on t-mobile running stock os, and i am having the same issues. i just thought that it was just hardware because i didn’t notice any other 9780s doing that.

  8. I’ve been using 9780/ for about 2 months and I’m facing tterrrible problem while I type with. A lot of double types as youu can see the prroblem is such that I’m now not correcting at alll just typping normal way and this is whatt I get. When I used 9000 bold it seems to be perfect to type. I was always wonderring whayt could the ppossible problem be with this new phone. Pls give some solution! Thankss

  9. My rollerball on my bold will not activate any apps or open emails etc anymore ? Any ideas out there?

  10. I don’t have a 9780, but my friend has one, and I thought it was only because she dropped it a few already…..

  11. I am facing this from last 2 months, have tried all available OS for 9780. Mine is Hungary made.

    And I know 8 more people who are facing this.

  12. Mine is Mexico1, at first time use it’s stuttering, anyway by the time goes, stuttering is gone I don’t do anything, in fact my OS still same with shipped one (

  13. Unfortunately, mine is suffering from this issue! I want it fixed!!! It drives me nuts!

  14. there are a couple ‘fixes’ threads on CB as well that help get rid of the issue.

  15. I don’t have the “stutter” problem when typing, but it does happen when trying to change songs or use the volume button on my media.


  16. I have this issue on my Hungary 2 device.

    I reduced the keyboard key rate to “Slow” to make it usable. I was not even able to enter my password on the normal setting.

  17. I had written to BBhelp on twitter and they want me to “Try to back up and complete a clean reload of the device software and test before restoring any data”

    I’m not too sure if that’s gonna work but thinking to give it s shot, has anyone tried it?

  18. I just sent back my first replacement device because it had the double type issue as well, I’ll be it not as bad as my original does. The original is Mexico 1 and the replacement was Mexico 4. My dad just bought a Mexico 4 from the actual Rogers store (I bought over the phone) and his keyboard feels completely different, it’s softer and less clicky (which actually isn’t a good thing) but never has any double type issues. I’m so annoyed that RIM hasn’t addressed this issue openly yet, really making me wish I chose an iphone.

  19. I have created a BBM group to discuss this issue, interested people can contact me on PIN:236FE6FC

  20. I had 9780 for about 3 months. Weird thing is that the problem started only since about a month ago. I noticed my wife having a same problem when reading texts from her. Both our phones are Mexico 1.
    I just tried setting a keyboard to “fast” and on the first test it seemed better.
    Originally it was on “normal”, then I moved it to “slow” hoping it would be better but no. This is a massive problem, RIM will do something about eventually I’m sure, we’ll just have to be patient. I don’t even wanna ask for a replacement because I’m reading about a bunch of people who are on their 3rd and 4th phone and still have issues.

  21. I have a problem with my bb 9780, when typing it always double latters.. Why can be like that, can u give the sollution for this problem.

  22. I have the Bold 9780 & it deffinantly double types & stutters alot! It is really annoying & it makes you look stupid. I don’t understand why it has this problem, but it is frustrating & I wish I’d chosen an iphone (and I wouldn’t suffer from RSI in the future from that). Anyone know how to fix this? Just I’m stuck on a contract with this phone for 2 years!

  23. Yes and its annoying! Hate it! Funny thought it was me typing to fast.. :/

  24. I have the saame issue with thee doubble typinng! I tried to send it back to Bell mobility and “obviously” they refused because the 15 day warranty had expired! Needless to say that I am stuck with a 2year and 11 months contract!

    Has anyone been able to get in touch with RIM? An issue this common should be addressed by RIM as any other reputable world class organization would do. That is called ..”recall”

    I think the best solution is to make sure that RIM hears all these complaints so that they can act before anyone else buys this defective model. Only when their sales/profit drops they will act.

    Let me know if someone knows how to reach RIM and I will make sure our voice is heard.

  25. Yes!!! You can see it rightnow, aas I typpe. Donn’t know what to do.

  26. RIM thinks it’s a software issue or at least that is what I was told by the tech support guy. Actually that may not be a BS like I had thought at first. Case in point; I have this laptop that has a “quick boot” mode and when I use that my keyboard will sometimes double type as well. That never happens when I’m in full OS system mode.
    The guy from RIM said they are aware and working on it.

  27. I m. Sure they are not working on this issue. I m sickk of backspacing all the timme to fix my double typing including the space.


  28. There is a fix for this issue. Simply go to options – keyboard settings – and change the key rate to – ‘medium slow’ or ‘slow’.
    This fixed the problem for me 🙂

  29. It stutters, it crashes for a few seconds, it keep showing “Input System Error. System is being restarted” whenever I press Space bar during typing SMS or BB Messages. I wanna throw this trashy thing into garbage.

  30. i have a torch 9800. when i try to type a phone number, each number shows up twice! this started the very first day i bought the phone. i just cannot type a number and dial like i could with my bb8900.

  31. I have a BB Curve and it has been fine since I got it nearly a year ago!!! And now just out of the blue its started missing letters when I type and when Ipress the delete button (to correct the spelling) it gos all wild and starts deleteing everything I just typed!!!!! Iv now set it to ‘slow’ and it’s a helped a little bit but not loads!!! Blackberrys where alwaysa to good to be true!!!pffftttt

  32. Hi guys iv got a bb curve and it has been fine for months and months and then recently had this same stutter problem and it lasted for about two wks! I tried all that slow mode stuff and nothing worked! BUT two days ago I changed acouple things around and now it is fine : ) no stutter. So ill tell you the couple things I done because I’m not sure which of the things I done have corrected the problem, so if you do them to hopefully your stutter will go : )

    1. Changed font to ‘BBalpha sans’ size ’11’ and ‘plain’ font style
    2. I took the predictive text of, so no spelling checks.

    I’m sure it was the taking the spling checks of that have corrected the stutter but just incase try both the things : )

    Hope this helps. Let me know guys X

  33. Same problem here, I’m from brazil, my bold was manufactured in mexico and I have the double typing issue :S

  34. I have a UK O2 Hungary made model 9780. double keys on random letters including the spacebar which is really annoying. The CB forum made me laugh though by suggesting everyone should us the signature.

    “Thiis messgae was seent. From my Blackbeery 9780”

    No help but thought it might lighten the mood a bit. Could happily throw my phone in the bin at this point! J

  35. Dee Bonsior it looks like you’re onto something, though I think it’s the font software that’s doing it.
    I tried the font you suggested and it didn’t completely fix the problem but it’s much more manageable that way, it happens much much less then before. By the way I never used any kind of predictive text or auto spell check on my phone. Then this morning I changed font to what I think the phone shipped with (though not a 100% sure): BBAlpha Serif and it seems better yet. I used to use BBCasual and could hardly type a single word without double typing something. Now it maybe one time in 10 words or so. Thank you!

  36. OK here I am typing this on my BBerry 9780 to see what this does. So far so good, no corrections needed. I always suspected this is a software problem because I never had double type problem when using calculator. It would be interesting to see and possibly confirm all this by having all of you guys following this discussion try changing your font to either Alpha Sans or Alpha Serif and see what happens?
    I’m using Alpha Serif plain size 8 smoothing on.
    I’ll report about this on t-mobile forum where there is a thread about this but there is tons more places on the internet talking about this issue. I’m just typing away ’cause I wanna see when it’s gonna freak out and double type…so far nothing! I did use a spell check just now but it only corrected my earlier “posibly” misspelled. This is cool! So simple but genius to discover. Dee Bonsior you’re awesome! What else can I say just in order to try to trip this phone? I’m telling you guys this problem has gotten so bad when I used Casual font, almost every word would get double typed, delete would get rid of several characters all at once, escape button would jump 2-3 screens at once, every word would get capitalized because of space bar being double entered…you name it happened repeatedly over and over. With my wife it didn’t matter ’cause we both have the same phones with same problem so we wouldn’t correct anything ever but responding to a business email was a hell of a choir to type something without looking like a complete idiot. Ladies and gents I think we might onto something here to say the least, I went through this entire text without a one single occurrence of double entry.
    Please try and report back!
    PS I did do a spell check before posting and only saw true misspellings but no doubles

  37. ^ I tried what you suggested and it works great! only for a day or two sadly…the stuttering came back little by little like a disease. I finally send the unit from where I purchased it and the guy who is a distributor told me that if the reinstallment of the OS wont work, they are going to send my unit to singapore for more detailed investigation. It will take 30 to 40 days 🙁 this is my first bb phone and im not happy how rim designed it. btw im from the philippines, there’s no bb center here 🙁

  38. Unfortunately you’re right…and I like how you put; like a disease. Since as far as I know BB service centers/customer service…etc aren’t even acknowledging this as a problem I don’t think it’ll do much good to go to a local store anyway. Well they sort of do know about the problem but as you found out their only solution is to back up your BBerry, reset the whole thing to deafault and reinstall your back up…which I didn’t do because I’ve read about lot’s of other people had it done and just like a font change it would work for a while and then creep back to weirdness. For now I’m gonna try to switch between BB alpha sans and BB alpha serif whenever problem gets really bad. At least I feel much better knowing that most likely this whole thing stems from font software and maybe, just maybe BB/RIM will do something about it in a near future. Here is to hoping…

  39. Hi, I’ve got the problem when I’m trying to dial a number and each number comes out twice. So, I tried the old-skool solution and took out the battery, then put it back in to restart and it worked. For a while. Then it started doing it again. No ideas.

  40. I am facing a severe problem and thinking of changing my phone due to this problem… the inputs are getting double typed on the 9780

  41. Changing the fonts is not working for me

  42. Hi. I’m from Malaysia. My bold 9780 is made in Hungary 2 and it also double types. Should I ask for a replaacement?

  43. same here buddy, mine is hungary 2. damn im so pissed since this is my first bb phone! Im gonna sell this shit and buy a SAMSUNG GALAXY SII!!!

  44. This is my 2nd 9780 that has had the double key problem. As I type this I am waitting for my THIRD replacement 9780, which I’m sure will have the same problem, since the manufacturers justt keep sending out defective devices to replace defective devvices. I have tried every trick in the book and every suggestion I’ve read on forums, short of taking the phone apart myself, and NOTHING fixes this problem!! Its a manuufaacturing problem. Shame oon RIM for not addressing this problem and for not doing a recall. My word of advice to RIM, when you’re competing with iphone and Android, yyou should make damn sure you’re releasing a QUALITY phone. The 9780 is GARBAGE and that’s where my THIRD replacement phone will probablyy be ending uup. I should of bought thaat Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. Address this issue, RIM aand stop ripping peoople off!!! P.S I got tired of deleting double key types while tyyyping this and just left tthem in.

  45. Audio log for Blackberry 9780.

    I’ve just had this phone for 2 months and double typing has started. I worry that it’s going to get worse, but hear phones going through 3-4 exchanges before getting one that works, or getting a refurbished phone after exchanging a new one.

    Why does all this machinery breakdown?

    Just adding another user to the list for future searchers of this problem.

    Mexico 1.

    BTW: If anybody wants to try my phone and experience the double typing yourself, it’s in the locker beside the pickled Caco’s and the security code is 298.

  46. sold my bb bold 9780 shit!!! hello samsung galaxy s2!!! ^^,

  47. Does anyone have this problem on a Pearl 9100 (Stratus)? Has anyone dealt with it successfully? I started getting the symptoms on the UI, JK and M buttons a couple of days ago. Tried several things like pressing the buttons feverishly and hard restarting the handset. Seems to lessen the symptoms, but it still happens from time to time and it’s pretty annoying. Especially when you’re in Suretype mode.

  48. screw RIM! I am enjoying the awesomeness of the samsung galaxy s2!!!

  49. I have the keyboard stutter issue too. What is the solution?

  50. ^
    Throw that damn phone. Even if you ask for a replacement, they will still give you a defective unit. The flaw is pandemic!!!

  51. I had the same problem. We did not want me even once acknowledged claim or replacement of equipment. I removed the front cover. Then lifted off the membrane clean enough alcohol and stick back old membrane. Suddenly everything is working properly.

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