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BlackBerry Messenger Leaked from Latest 9650 OS

UPDATE: Kudos to BigBadWulf, one of the mods @CrackBerry for stripping out this version of  BBM and dropbox-ing it!


Fubaz let us know that BlackBerry Messenger was included in the latest OS leak for the BlackBerry Bold 9650. This version is a tiny incremental update from the previously leaked but if you have to be on the bleeding edge check it out at the link below. Similar to previous versions this will probably only work on OS 6.0 devices.

Download BlackBerry Messenger @ Dropbox

I am not sure who stripped out this version of BBM and posted it on DropBox but thanks! Let us know if you figure out who it is so we can credit them. Like the regular BlackBerry Messenger updates this one clocks in at about 3MB so it may take a bit to download.

Warning: Do not download and install these updates if you don’t know what you’re doing. Incorrect procedure or just bad luck could render your BlackBerry inoperative or unstable. In other words proceed at your own risk!

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  1. Compatible with OS 6 only or OS 5 too?

  2. I don’t have a OS 5 BB 😛

  3. Obviously gotta download, even for just that update lol.

  4. of course you have to upgrade!

    and BigBadWulf, Mod at CrackBerry forums is the one who stripped this out and created the OTA.

  5. Kudos! @barrist, how’s it on torch?

  6. U people are freaking me out.

  7. Thanks I updated.. I don’t see any noticeable diff.

  8. Haven’t tried .46, but the leak I got last week from .45 has been solid.

  9. I agree with frankson, no differences yet.

    wish i could find a changelog

  10. I don’t see any difference at all

  11. I don’t see any differences but at least it is running stable!

  12. As soon as someone notices something different, please announce it.

  13. I wish they would quit with the minor fixes and do something….oh, more exciting like adding multiplayer games such as sudoko 2 (dropped recently my Msn after having it for so long), chess, backgammon and other games…that would be a nice upgrade.

  14. I’ve never understood the fascination with having to have these “point” versions ripped out of leaked OS builds.

    • I think any bit of maintenance is always helpful. I’m not sure people need that to ripped out to download individually, but maybe people that don’t want to use the OS leak, and would rather just an individual app, it works well for them.

  15. Its so irritating that there is no change log!!!!!

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