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Tawkon Cellphone Radiation Guidance App Now Free – Supporting OS 6.0

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Tawkon really paved their own trail with their radiation avoidance BlackBerry app. While researchers are still flip flopping on the dangers of cellphone radiation Tawkon has taken their $9.99 app and created a free ad supported version for everybody to download. The app is still available in ad free premium format for $9.99 they are also offering 50% off that premium price for a limited time.

The new version also adds support for many more devices including finally adding OS 6.0 support. They have also added a post call summary report showing you how much radiation you have been exposed to or avoided during a call.

Features include:

  • Pre Call – Prediction mode to see radiation levels if you’d make a call now
  • During Call – Instant real-time alerts with suggestions + feedback to avoid radiation
  • Post Call – Statistics to see cumulative radiation you’ve been exposed to & avoided by using tawkon

You can pick up Tawkon free at or download it directly at this link. The premium version without ads is available in the store for $4.99 for a limited time.

Check out a video of Tawkon in action below:

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  1. I have no use for this cuz I’m not all that curious.

  2. downloaded, used for 10 mins and uninstalled 🙁

  3. This would go great with my tinfoil hat. They probably had to make a free version because noone was buying the paid one.

  4. Does this app really make sense? I personally have ner wonders about my radiation level I take from a cell phone. App looks pretty though. Lol

  5. I tried reviewing this on numerous devices for Berryfication. Never worked. Besides, so there could be minute radiation particals going to my brain….Sure the Taco Bell or Chocolate I’m eating will kill me before the radiation!

    • Since a couple of days ago tawkon is supported on 9 Blackberry devices, currently only on GSM/UMTS networks.
      CDMA devices are not supported yet (under development), just saw that you have BB Tour (9630) which is a CDMA device…. it’s true that research (connection between cellular radiation to cancer) is not conclusive but I encourage you to visit to check the most update research as of today, I believe that even the skeptics will agree that its better to be safe than sorry…

  6. Did they ever consider that most people these days use bluetooth or headsets and holding up the phone to the good old skull doesn’t apply to everyone?
    P.S.: I didn’t and will not install this app on my phone under any circumstances…Cheers 😀

  7. Downloaded it, kind of usueless….

  8. trying to stop cancers of teh brains!

  9. I have 4 kids. What do I care about radiation?

    • maybe you don’t care, it might be even good for you…if you don’t want anymore 🙂 but what about your kids that use mobile phones …??? guess you care about them

  10. +1 Jforce…

  11. i would like to try this out a lil and see how it works for me..

  12. Had trouble with the last version. We made a new version being released today for Blackberry. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it

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