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No PlayBook Super Bowl Commercial… What was Your Favorite?

I will admit that I am not the biggest football fan but there was one “upset” I was hoping to see during the game. My buddy Kevin @CrackBerry had a theory going that RIM would announce the PlayBook launch date and introduce the device to the whole country at the Super Bowl. While I doubted that a conservative company like RIM would throw down the money necessary for a Super Bowl commercial there was a part of me wishing it was true. Sadly the Super Bowl has passed and no PlayBook in sight though I had a few people say they spotted something that looked like a PlayBook in on of the Black Eyed Peas commercials. I guess we will have to wait for MWC (Mobile World Congress) to hear more about the PlayBook and possibly announce the launch date.

Since I had to watch the Super Bowl to cover the commercials 🙂 I thought I would throw the question out there. What was your favorite set of commercials? By far my favorite was the Darth Vader Passat commercial but I have to give credit to Sealy’s for pulling off theirs. The winner for the unbelievable double entendre award was the “Cram it in the Boot” Mini commercial.

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  1. I loved the Doritos commercial when the guy licked the cheese off of the other guy’s finger. Priceless.

  2. Vader kid was awesome too. Probably the most memorable of the commercials. And I agree, I didn’t think that RIM would have a PlayBook commercial, but I definitely wanted to see one. Oh well.

  3. I think the VW one is okay but a bit overhyped. When I first heard how it was “going viral” I was expecting more.

    RIM, I was hoping would make a statement at the Super Bowl, whether it be a commercial or some tie-in with the BEP. The latter I’m glad didn’t happen since I guess their performance was absolutely horrid, and RIM was best in keeping its distance away from that.

    Then again, the hyped Xoom commercial was disappointing and actually underlined the other piece of bad news for the Xoom that came out that night–the price being $800 and the need to buy at least a month of data to get WiFi on it. This contrasted quite badly with it’s commercial that touted “more choices” beyond Apple especially when the Xoom is coming out with only one SKU and on one carrier with restrictions and a high price.

    Motorola miscalculated how much it could get away with making fun of Apple here.

  4. I don’t watch TV but someone did show me the Budweiser Cussing ad which I found pretty entertaining. I also just caught a PETA ad that supposedly aired but it was so racy that I don’t believe it.

  5. I agree with barrist, the Motorola commercial was not as good as anticipated. And you are right, Motorola is not being all that different than Apple, with the high price, and have to pay for one month of data before being able to get wifi. 800 is a little outrageous in my mind, and I think its going to push a lot of people away. RIM has a golden opportunity to hear to capitalize on a major Android mistake.

  6. loved the Darth Vader Passat.
    it was funny but mean to the kid. He thought he had powers lol

  7. I know… I was crushed! Opportunity lost for RIM. Such a fitting name/sponsorship opportunity.

  8. Sure was Kevin. You never seem to be wrong about those things. Oh well, MWC is next week. Hopefully they do something big there.

  9. I liked the pepsi max comercial where the mad GF knocks out the other chick in the bench. The e-trade kids are always funny.

  10. The only one that really made me laugh out loud was the Doritos commercial with the dog knocking the door off it’s hinges.

  11. My fav commercial was the dorito commercial where the guys sprinling crumbs on the fish, flowers and his friends grandpas ashes. Funny as heck!

  12. What y’all didn’t notice that the Black Eyed Peas performed on a somewhat lighted up LOVE, BlackBerry stage? Was I the only one that caught that?

  13. The Pepsi max commercial when the gf threw the can and hit the other girl, and then they both ran away was really funny.

  14. I did catch the LOVE stage, but I didn’t attach it to BlackBerry in any way.

  15. I personally liked the car swerving to miss the beaver and then the beaver chomping down the tree to save the car from the washout. Especially when the beaver did the “Peace out/Chest fist bump”

  16. The beaver was definitely awesome.

  17. The Vader commercial was good – I was especially impressed with how much was communicated w/ body language alone.

  18. In my opinion, the best commercial was by Kia. The car being stolen by gangsters, gods, aliens, and by an ancient civilization. I am not a Kia fan but that was a damn good commercial.

    I’d also give a thumbs up to the Xoom commercial.

  19. The Kia commercial was, Epic, as they said in the commercial. The Xoom commercial was very interesting.

  20. What a missed opportunity! I’m not a huge football fan but Superbowl commercials have a huge audience. People who frequent sites like BerryReview and Crackberry are the only ones who have heard of the PlayBook. RIM needed to put the PlayBook in the minds of the general public, particularly those who just think of the tablet as an iPad.

    In a world soon to be drowned out by a slew of cheap Android-based tablets, the PlayBook is being squeezed for press time by the iPad 2 on one front and a variety of Android tablets on the other.

    What a missed opportunity!! Discussions of the football teams playbooks, would have been a great way to introduce the BlackBerry PlayBook to hundreds of millions of people. Sad! You’re either in the game or not. You’ve got to think BIG on this one.

    I also wondered why we don’t have front facing cams on the new leaked BlackBerrys? And when is BBM supporting video chat?

    • Well said. This was definitely a huge missed opportunity. There are a bunch of cheap and crappy Android tablets out there, but the good ones are coming and they are coming sooner than people think. And even though the Xoom is going to be over priced, the Galaxy2 is coming, and a bunch of other good ones. And we can’t forget the Ipad 2 is coming and it will come with a vengeance. RIM needs to do something not just to put the PlayBook on their minds, but to make people want it. Its going to be an amazing device, but fans like us aren’t the ones that need to be convinced. I currently have an Android tablet and will give it up as soon as the PlayBook comes out, but again, they don’t need to convince me.

      Video chat on BBM would be absolutely amazing. Especially considering the PlayBook has a front facing camera, what better avenue to introduce it. But the roadmap didn’t have any phones with a front facing camera. Hopefully by the next generation they will show up.

  21. The dorritos and the pepsi max comercials

  22. Bah, in Canada we got a bunch of sh!tty old commercials that I have seen before.

    But Eminem double dipping with Chrysler and Lipton Brisk?????

  23. I was definitely shocked to see Eminem in 2 different commercials.

  24. BEP are always terrible live. RIM is smart to stay far away from those awful vocals.

    • Almost all concerts I been to that the arist actually signs instead of lip-sing they usually dodnt sound that good live. Only a few artist sound better live which is Aventura a latin band. Some rock bands do sound pretty good live also.

  25. Wasn’t the best year for eTrade but they solid and I liked the VW Force, although I had seen that already.

  26. Liked the Doritos ads and the Vader.

    Kinda feel bad for Christina making such a mess of the Star Spangled Banner. That will haunt her for a LONG time.

    And it wasn’t so much that BEP performance was so bad in and of itself. The mic’ing was HORRID. Whoever was responsible for the audio should be fired and NEVER allowed to do another live event. With all the hype and time to get ready, no excuse for not being able to hear half the group for the WHOLE show.

    And can somebody tell me why Usher was there? Slash was cool, but why somebody paid for that Usher performance has me baffled.

  27. I agree David, and how Usher came down and did all the singing… not usher

  28. OOOOH that would have made my SuperBowl.. sigh

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