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Free SignalLoc Cell Tower Info App Updated With New Backend

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It has been awhile since the last release of SignalLoc for BlackBerry. The free utility provides information on your cell tower and location and the new version remains free. According to the developer the app looks mostly the same but “much of it’s internals have been rewritten to be more efficient and reliable.” They have also changed the storage mechanism for saved cell site and locations that uses the SDcard instead of the device’s internal memory. The only other main difference is that this version requires OS 5.0+.

You can read more about this version and download SignalLoc free at this link.

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  1. Definitely for the geekiest of BB users out there…(clicks download while sipping blackberry soda)

  2. Haven’t used this for years, but I will give it a twirl later today

  3. Might be too geeky even for me.

  4. I hope this works with roaming networks in the states.. i get such a bad signal in the USA.

  5. I would imagine it works well in the US.

  6. Okay, I don’t get what this does. Anyone who’s used it have a dumb dumb answer for me. If it’s just to tell you about the tower you are on, then what’s that do for yoU?

    • LOL…it fills your brain with super geek cellular system geek info. As for practical application, not much other than gives you a map of exactly where the tower is located. Kinda neat for those locales where the towers are disguised if you’re into figuring that sorta stuff out.

      Might be kinda cool somewhere like NYC since cell sites aren’t really on “towers” so to speak.

      Then again, some nut job or terrorist might find this sort of tool particularly handy for mayhem. 🙁

    • I was going to ask the same. What would be some of the uses of this app. If indeed useful, I’ll have to give it a try.

  7. I don’t really know what it is either?

  8. For 5 version, the link should be

    Latest update was in Jan 2011 and is for version 5.

  9. Finally an update.. after so long

  10. Hahaha. I actually might get this to find all the hidden towers. There’s one neighborhood in my city that would not allow a new tower to be built so the carrier disguised it as a monster church steeple. Its pretty funny because its soooo huge, but it looks quite believable. Only after someone told me it was a tower did I realize that it wasn’t just a big metal steeple.

  11. How many people actually use this?

  12. Babi:
    I will use this when roaming, I cant stand flicking between TMO Edge and ATT 3G.

    With this I can see okay, the 2G in this area is great… ill go 2G only but in bigger urban areas 3G might prevail and ill put my phone on 3G only.

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