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The Winner of the January Rewards Contest BlackBerry Playbook Prize is…


Last month set a new record for comments on BerryReview with our January Rewards Contest in full swing. The contest prize is a much desired BlackBerry PlayBook (base model) when it is publicly available or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate and all you had to do to enter was leave a comment or forum post while logged in. Every comment counted as another chance to win! There were thousands of entries in the contest this month and the query to select the three finalists from our database took almost 5 minutes to run! We finally got a chance to sit down with our (secret) finalist judge and he selected our winner. Without further ado the winner of a BlackBerry PlayBook courtesy of the BerryReview Unlocking Store is…


We hope you all had as much fun as we did with this contest and wish you better luck next month! We have a special prize planned for next month so stay tuned to your favorite BlackBerry news site where we will be announcing the contest shortly! Congrats Barrist! You will be hearing from us shortly with further instructions.

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  1. Congrats Barrist, great prize!

  2. WOW!

    Thank you BerryReview for the amazing contest, and your site which has become my favourite Berry site by far.

    I’m kind of intrigued by who this “secret” judge is though!

  3. Congrats Barrist. 🙂

  4. Congrats

  5. Now when does the February contest begin?

  6. Lucky buck!

  7. Congrats Barrist.

  8. Congrats Barrist, lucky you, so you going for the PlayBook ?

  9. Congrats Barrist, looking forward to your PlayBook review 😉

  10. Congrats – though no surprise, going from 0 to 1080 posts in two months 😀

    (generally well-thought-out informed posts, no sleight intended)

    • HaHa! Yeah no offense to Barrist because all his posts were worthy. But that was my thought when I say the title. “Barrist won” flashed through my head. His win ratio was going to ensure he was at least 1 of the 3 choices. If not all! 🙂

  11. OHh
    I was so sure my 17 posts would win….heheheh
    Congrads Barrist! Maybe you can do an unboxing review! That would be great!!

  12. Congrats Barrist!

  13. I won’t give away too much about how we select our runner ups but they are definitely unique. If I remember correctly the runner ups were Terrence and Rockr-something or other. I setup the selection to weight the comments based on how many comments were left on each post and to take into consideration a few other factors. In other words every comment increases your chance of winning but we weed out the junk.
    Should be interesting I am testing a way to include Twitter retweets as contest entries for another contest.

  14. I had a feeling the selection process was weighted by the number of qualifying entries. To that end, Barrist was the obvious contender.
    The bit about the feline selection process is just genius, though!

    • Yeah you definitely improve your chance of winning with every comment tip and forum post. That was the point! 🙂
      On the other hand it does take into consideration the number of comments per post, length, and then the finalists must pass our “Spammy-ness” rating before they are placed in front of the ultimate judge of caracter… A Siberian cat named Mars. 🙂
      Keep in mind the selection process will not be exactly the same this month. As I learn more about MySQL and table joins I am getting much better at ferreting out the best comments.

  15. Congrats Barrist, you’re 1/2 way to finishing 2011 with a Playbook and a Dakota:)

  16. Congrats Barrist !!!

  17. Congrats!

  18. Well played Barrist!

  19. congrats barrist… now the rest of us have a change for the february one!

  20. Congrats Barrist, but I know you’re not beating me in line for the PlayBook being released in Feb 🙂 We envy you! Do enjoy it!

  21. Nice contest now i am commenting so i guess i am in now for the February contest

    Thanks berryreview

  22. yes E, all the comments are entered.

  23. CoNgRaTs BaRRist~! 😀

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