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More Video of BlackBerry PlayBook in Portrait Mode Including the Browser

PlayBook Portrait

RIM’s WebWorks developer event in San Francisco last night seems to have been a cover for showing off the BlackBerry PlayBook in portrait mode. We now also have video from Marin @IntoMobile showing off the device flipping from landscape to portrait shown below:

Marin also caught a demo of all the gestures currently on the PlayBook. Nothing new here but it does explain how the gestures change orientation with the screen so the bottom swipe from portrait mode is different than from landscape mode. Kind of cool!

PS: Anybody else notice that the non orientation aware apps on the PlayBook still show in portrait mode orientation in the task switcher?

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  1. Why is portrait mode such a big deal?? Not having it would be a serious bug!!!

  2. Probably just because we haven’t seen it yet except in the last few days. It probably takes a bit of horsepower to change the orientation of all the apps running, so that may be where bugs are coming from.

  3. It also gives us an idea of how ready the playbook is to launch.

  4. I’m good with the beta code… how about release now.

  5. Here’s what I’d like to see in the Playbook:

    1. An universal search option (customizable).

    2. An app launcher to go to the app directly – like Quicklaunch.

    3. A big Calendar (with pictures/graphics) that you can add memos, reminders or notes to .

  6. Playbook kills the iPad anyday 🙂
    Anyway, enough videos and give us consumers a chance to handle the thing.

  7. Every time I see this thing I want it more. I love seeing it in portrait mode. Thank you BerryReview for another shot at winning this bad boy.

  8. it will be ready for Launch when RIM fixes the battery issue.

  9. Portrait or landscape mode it doesn’t matter! It a RIM product. I want one. 😀

  10. Good videos. I especially liked the one demonstrating the gestures. I’d like to see more gestures implemented in all touch BB’s. It will be amazing when QNX becomes the standard OS across all of RIM’s devices.

  11. The problem with the previews lately has been they’re all basically tech demos, showing how well the device performs. But I think they need to start showing some killer apps before they launch.

  12. I agree with barrist. I wanna see some quality apps. Functionality is cool but lets see more of how it handles apps.

  13. Yeah lack of apps will be a major loss. I’ve been showing my friends with iPads and Galaxy Tabs the playbook videos and even they are impressed. This Playbook should put RIM up a few notches. Now they just need to get those new devices out!

  14. it just gets better and better.

  15. Nice to see this view finally being previewed.
    A lot of people have been griping over this for weeks.

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