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App World Down? Multiple Reports of Issues (Possible Maintenance?)

App World down

We still have yet to hear any official word about it but we have received multiple reports from users around the globe that App World seems to be having issues. Twitter also seems to be abuzz about it. It is sporadic for me but it seems to happen both from the new App World 2.1 BlackBerry app and the website. We have even been hearing reports that News Feeds is also not working but I have not seen any issues

How about you? Running into BlackBerry App World issues? Hopefully RIM resolves it soon… Version 2.1 seemed pretty stable so I don’t know if that’s the issue. I was asking one dev for screenshots of the in app payment setup and he also confirmed having issues with App World.

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  1. its probably from the new app funambol that everyone is trying to down load 🙂

  2. Both app world and news feeds is down for me, which is sad….because I was really hoping to get a menu clock for when I’m reading news feeds.

    Been like this for a few hours for me !!!

    Fix pls…need my feeds!

  3. Last night I had the same problem, worked this morning and still isn’t working for me

  4. Growing pains for the new 2.1 update?

    Hopefully it doesn’t last too long for the Appworld users out there.

  5. “Please try again after later”?

    Honestly you would hope that they could at least get the grammar right…

  6. It appears to be back up — at least for the moment… 😉

  7. Working 1 minute ago.

  8. Neither has worked for me and I’ve been trying since this morning.

  9. App world isn’t working for me either (VZW Bold 9650). When I try to authenticate my account, it says “App store cannot connect, please verify your network connection and try again”. Hurry up, RIM, I have apps to download!

  10. Blackberry app world is not working for me or my friend both on o2 in the UK.

  11. Am still unable to connect 🙁
    4:00 pm Central Time.

  12. Well something is definitely borked, can’t even log in to the blackberry ID site on the interweebs, throws a Proxy error

  13. I chose the perfect day to wipe my phone… Sigh…

  14. I can login and update Taffic app now. Seems to have fixed now.

  15. 5:35 PM Neither Feeds nor App world works for me.

  16. Saw on a news site that they are doing a huge upgrade to appworld on the backend which will allow in-app payments amongst other things.

  17. not working for me either…..i have tried all day. You think they would have figured a way to handle the traffic when they release something big.

  18. BlackBerry App World is back! I guess the issue was resolved!

  19. yeah i updated my software off blackberry app world on internet worked fine about 2 o clock then went to download blackberry messenger and its been down from like 4 ish

  20. News Feeds had been down since last night and App World is not working. I was trying to use the “recover password” option on the website but it wasn’t loading a page. Then on my third attempt at the link I was sent to a message that said the page is down for maintenance. Just tried again and instead got a message that the page has been removed or no longer exists.
    🙁 I miss my news feeds…

  21. Thankfully I haven’t been affected. Sorry for those that haven’t had access. Hopefully It will be resolved soon

  22. Back now for both my wife and myself.
    Thank you RIM

  23. Friday morning and all seems well now. Just did a couple app upgrades without issue.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  24. i was trying to update the blackberry app world program on 9650 (6.0.415) and i keep getting the “907 invalid cod http error 504 gateway timeout” message

  25. All seems well now..

  26. For me it says I have to be connected to a wi-fi service, and I was and it still wouldn’t connect.

  27. Some customers may be experiencing issues logging into App World. We are actively working on a resolution and apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Thanks for the heads up Alex! Seems like it is stabilizing.

    • Hi. I can open App World, even view apps list I’ve donwloaded. But when I try download something new, it asks for my password. Once I enter it, it’s says Authenticating. Then ‘An error has occurred. Please try again later. This has been going on for more than a week.
      A friend of mine is experiencing the same thing.

      What’s going on? I’ve updated my password. I deleted App World and then re-installed it. It still doesn’t work.

  28. I’ve been having BIS problems since yesterday evening. If I browse through the wap browser I am fine but anything on the BIS browser either doesn’t load or takes multiple attempts. BBM has also been sporadic and email delivery as well. I am on ATT, in the Seattle area. Anyone else?

  29. Its all good now.

  30. Its a fruit conspiracy… lol

  31. I love how if it was maintenance that they didnt warn us.

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