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RIM Asking for Developer Feedback in Current Survey

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When I look back two or three years I am amazed at how RIM’s relationship with the BlackBerry development community has changed. A few years back if you wanted to develop a BlackBerry app you would have to jump through 10-15 hoops just to get a viable app. Everything from BIS-B setup to bug requests, simulators, proper development tools, documentation, and other developer necessities was as painful experience. Unless you had an “in” with somebody at RIM you were essentially out in the cold. Oh how the times have changed…

We now have RIM reaching out to developers with their latest developer survey. They are sending the survey to anybody in the Developer Zone along with promoting it on the BlackBerry Developer Blog. RIM is asking for developers to provide their input on what would make developers more successful in BlackBerry platform development. They want to know what tools you prefer, what platforms, programming languages, and the development phases you spend the most time on.

You can take the survey and provide that feedback in a few minutes at this link

RIM plans on running this survey at least twice a year to better understand the developer community and how they can help. The questions are both multiple choice and open ended where you can complain about why RIM is still charging for code signing keys… Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments. 🙂

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  1. Hopefully the feedback leads to better tools which leads to better apps. No offense to some of the apps that have appeared in Appworld for the Playbook, but I don’t really see anything compelling yet.

  2. Very true mostly re: improvements — but you’re still in the cold for BIS-B setup, unless you’ve got $2k to fork over every year and are able to meet a host of other ridiculous requirements.

    I understand why they do it – BIS-B costs them in infrastructure; and they don’t want everyone’s app downloading massive quantities of data over it, rendering it useless. But it’s still frustrating for small indie devs…

  3. I hope RIM takes the feedback into consideration and does some thing with it.

  4. I agree with all the statements above… I hope RIM can take the criticism and use it to make the platforms better.

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