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New Vinto Theme from Hedone Design – OS 6 Supported

Hedone Design has gotten right on the ball with their latest theme Vinto. Masterfully sleek and full of features, Vinto is also OS 6 supported so those of you sporting the 9780 can get in on the fun. According to Hedone, “Vinto offers 15 animated user customizable icons, 3 predefined icons and with included Today Preview you’ll be able to see your unread messages, feature calendar events etc… right from your HomeScreen.” From the looks of the image above, this is one rich looking baby. Vinto is available for a variety of devices and costs $6.99. More screen shots and purchase links can be found at Hedone Design.

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  1. it looks quite well done (as all Hedone themes are), and I’m sure alot of work goes into it, but do people really buy 7 dollar themes? It seems a bit pricey, but that’s just me.

  2. That’s my thought as well, barrist. Love most of Hedone’s themes and I’ve paid for themes before (and will again), but never one with a 6.99 price tag. Too rich for my blood.

  3. Bought it from App World to use on my Torch. Worst theme I’ve ever used. If only App World had a return policy like Mobihand does. Perhaps the theme works better on other OS 6 devices but the reality is that OS 6 devices just simply aren’t ready for fluid themes yet.

  4. I have this on the Torch. Today feature does not work at all. landscape does not work. For the price can we not expect Hedone to release themes that work ?

  5. I would never pay that much for a theme, but it does look really cool.

  6. I think 6.99 is excessive as well.
    but it does look decent.

  7. anyone having problems with our themes, please contact our helpdesk(at)hedonedesign(dot)com, so guys on support can help you! If we don’t know the issues you are having how can you expect we can do better with updates? 🙂 please in future do so, you will make our themes better!

    thank you!

  8. ok it bothered me, so I contacted our support team with these questions and here you go:

    landscape mode works properly since is released, so if you want this to work this is the OS version you have to get. so this is an OS bug.

    as far as today preview goes – since TS6 is still beta (theme studio 6 public beta 2 was released on January 28th) this is TS6 bug and can’t be updated until RIM doesn’t sort this out in an official version.

    for any other questions – helpdesk!

    I hope I answered at least a few of your questions.

    As soon as official version of TS6 is out updates will be made and these bugs will be corrected. You will be able to redowload an updated version in stores where you bought it (not on appworld, they don’t allow to redownload themes you have already bought – not for an upgrade to OS6 at least).

  9. Aisha,
    What’s the resolution for those of us that bought it through App World and really don’t like the performance or lagyness of the theme on a freshly wiped Torch. Mobihand offers a refund but App World doesn’t.

    [email protected]

    • i just checked – you can redowload update of a theme you already bought (go to store and check for an update), but app world doesn’t allow to redowload a theme for another OS version, like mobihand does. for example – if you bought Vinto for OS5 and it is now upgraded for OS6 and you want a new version, you can’t get a new version. mobihand allows that.

      as far as refunds goes – you will have to contact appworld. I know quite few people complaining about appworld’s refund policy.

  10. Appreciate the responses , but it would be more ethical to highlight these issues when you market the themes so forcibly and charge more than any other theme provider. I would also like to point out however that in terms of innovative and artistic design Hedone are way way ahead of anyone out there. That’s why they can charge the prices they do.

  11. thank you for kind comment. We try to do our best. We are always open to suggestions as well as for ideas and critiques. just apply them to our helpdesk.

    we do have a claim that in OS6 themes, specially for Torch, can people experience few TS6 related bugs but this is on our website. I will report to our support team that we have to do the same on appworld as I see now that we don’t do that there. Thank you for notify us.

  12. I just purchased this theme. It is the worst theme I’ve ever used.

    The functionality is crap with a track-pad. I want my money back!!

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