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More Screenshots of Poynt Running on a BlackBerry PlayBook

Poynt-Playbook001 Poynt-Playbook003

While at CES we managed to snag some shots of the popular BlackBerry app, Poynt, running live on a BlackBerry PlayBook. Simon over at IntoMobile managed to snag a whole slew of screenshots showing the app in action. While we have seen PlayBook apps before it is nice to see ones that are actually polished like Poynt. Check out the pics below:

Poynt-Playbook004 Poynt-Playbook005 Poynt-Playbook006 Poynt-Playbook007 Poynt-Playbook008 Poynt-Playbook009

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  1. I talked about it in the forum but if what the article says is true (that the Playbook doesn’t have its own GPS module) RIM is really in big trouble.

    You have to think it does though. The TI chipset is supposed to have a built-in GPS according to CB…

  2. Sweet. Poynt has long been the epitome of a Super App.

    Yeah, that would suck bad if PlayBook doesn’t have its own integral GPS, but I wouldn’t be surprised if GPS only comes as part of the cellular “module” and is not in the core unit.

  3. I just can’t fathom RIM leaving it out when poynt is one of the “super apps” they’re always showing off. That would be puzzling.

  4. I’ve been determined to get a PlayBook at launch, but the more time goes by with so many questions I’m beginning to believe RIM is just going to throw this thing out there. Not having GPS would be the last straw for me. As much as it would hurt me I may just have to go ahead and get the iPad2 after putting off an iPad to wait for the PB.

    • GPS on an iPad is pointless. Where you gonna take it? That thing is huge. I can honestly say I have only ever seen 1 iPad out in public. It’s kinda lame when you only use the GPS to see that you’re at your house.

      • I see at least one a day.

        So the GPS is useful for alot of people. And RIM is out to lunch if they didn’t include one in the Playbook.

        • Didn’t include it? Have you not been following the hardware discussions? It’s already built in the chip.

          I’m not sure where you live but even 1 a day is an insanely small number of devices leaving the house in comparison to the number that have been sold. iPad is not a mobile device, I’ve said it since the first time I held one. Only hipsters wanna carry a satchel around all day.

          • Noticing 1 a day anecdotally is actually more than i expected. I can’t believe I’m defending Apple, but I’m not sure how you can even compare the amount iPads one single person sees per day with the total number sold. Do you check the bags of every person you pass on the street?

            I’m pretty sure I noted that it was supposedly built into the chipset (see the first comment in this post), but hasn’t been confirmed by RIM. It’s not in their spec sheet on their website either.

  5. That would be very surprising if the Playbook didn’t include navigation, considering Poynt is dependent at its core on navigation, and what I’ve read indicates It can be used as a mobile GPS device. I’m wondering however, if you will be able to take advantage of the other features Poynt offers: such as add event to calender, add contact, push notifications, and contact look up. Or, will you have to bridge your blackberry, until firmware updates arrive.

  6. Looks sweet. I’m definitely going to use point on my BB alot more.

  7. I wanna see this run in real time and not just pics!

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