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Industry Gets More Promises of MicroUSB Charging Standard

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I am still waiting for the day when all of my friends will have MicroUSB chargers in their homes and offices for me to use. RIM was one of the trend setters in this regard starting with MiniUSB and now MicroUSB standard chargers across their device line. While other hold outs have slowly migrated to MicroUSB there is one notable holdout to this trend. You guessed it… Apple.

Over a year ago the GSMA group set upon the MicroUSB standard by 2012 with RIM joining in the fray. This week the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) joining in setting the MicroUSB standard. The difference? This time they have Apple making a non-binding promise along with Nokia, RIM, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Alcatel. While many of these have already moved from proprietary connections (Thank you Samsung) I am waiting for the day that Apple finally does away with their proprietary cable.

Anybody want to place a gentlemans bet on if it will ever happen?

via MobileCrunch

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  1. Oh, yeah, I love the microusb chargers. Especially the RIM ones, and the way picking them up in the wrong way can bend them or loosen the contacts, rendering them useless.

    Oh, wait. Typo. I meant to say I hate microusb, and rather wish we stuck with miniusb…. 😉

  2. That will mean they won’t be able to force you to buy their overpriced chargers/data cables. I will love to see the day they do though. Would mean my wife and I wouldn’t need two different car chargers in the van for long trips. Although, it would also mean apple would have to come up with another way to support accessory cables like our a/v cable. I doubt they would leave their port and add a micro-USB for charging.

  3. Almost everything I have is micro-usb chargable. The only thing that isn’t is of course my iPod. I have a few microUSB cables at work, I can have my Torch plugged in all day.

  4. Apple? Make a promise? And keep it?

    The next sound you’d hear would most certainly be that of hell freezing over.

  5. what happened to the cable-less charging solutions?

  6. I’m sure you’ve all heard the web trend…”Yet Another…”

    Yet another reason I won’t buy Apple…

    Speaking of which, I got this horrible virus on my computer called iTunes.exe. Please, please tell me what shall I do….lol

  7. I like the apple 30pin dock. It gives me rather good quality when I have a lod plugged into it.

  8. Im lucky most of my family friends now have BB’s, so we all have the same chargers. I think most companies will eventually go micro, except apple, they have way to much invested in their dock connector.

  9. A mini->micro and a micro->mini slip on adapter would be a nice accessories.

  10. Apple is going to hold out because they can. People mindlessly buy their products without realizing they are being controlled. Apple makes great products but I’m just not one who purchases any of them.

  11. MicroUSBs are so compact, my sister calls them cute.. lol

  12. I wish this would get more widespread… I do keep mini to micro adapters on me too though.

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