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Dear RIM, is this REALLY Necessary? App World Edition

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App World, especially version 2.1 that was released today, is much better than the original version that shipped. Still there are some pet peeves I have with App World that drive me nutz. Some of them have been fixed over time like the annoying “you cannot search in any browser other than Internet Explorer” while others have only been marginally improved. RIM has recently been asking for feedback in the Beta Zone but sadly that is limited to certain countries so I decided to see if crowd sourcing the effort on BerryReview would help. So here is my first shot with App World. Below are some of my thoughts. Feel free to share your own in the comments! Hopefully constructive criticism helps make App World better and better especially with the PlayBook right around the corner.

App World Web Store

We get it. You don’t support anything other than Windows and even then only Internet Explorer and Firefox. Is there really a reason you need to redirect me every time to a page telling me you do not support Ubuntu and OSX? The worst part is if you click “Continue browsing” it does not continue and take you to the page you were going to. Instead it takes you to the web store homepage.

Is there any reason why I cannot see the Top Themes and Recently Updated apps from the App World website? It is available from the BlackBerry client so the information is already there…

When scrolling through reviews in the App World website why are there no page numbers to click on at the bottom of the page. It is like the developers have never used App World. How could scrolling down through the reviews and then scrolling all the way back up to the top of the page to get to the next page link make any sense? Pretty please?

App World BlackBerry Client

I know RIM is all about security but is there a reason my BlackBerry cannot store my App World credentials? The new version 2.1 makes this a tiny bit easier by letting it store it for 20 minutes but why keep on asking for it? Can’t RIM at least make it an option to store the credentials especially if my device already has a OS password set?

When searching App World from my BlackBerry can we please get some category drill down support? When you search from the App World website it lets you further break down the results by category. Why can’t we have the same thing on our BlackBerrys?

I will leave it at that for now. Let me know how you think RIM could improve App World in the comments!

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  1. This is why I still don’t have App World installed, just not there yet

  2. Well, one step at a time… If rim reads this however, it would be great.

    Sounds like rim is promotin windows at the same time to me.. Lol

  3. Frankly, I’d never your the Desktop client for BB, if not for syncing. BB really has a screwed up contact management system. Today, almost every other person uses Google Contacts to store their data. It simply beats me why BB can’t keep my contacts synced with my Google account. And let’s not even get to Google’s own Sync s/w for BB. It always ends up populating multiple instances of the same contact, on my phone. Really irritating!

  4. I am in agreeance with Ronen here, I use my Mac and BBT together using fan boy software because I just can’t bare to install Microsoft’s software on my Mac. I don’t like it, I don’t want it, and after choosing BBT over the iPhone4 despite audio compatability issues and apps which, lets be honest, just aren’t as ‘cool’ as the 1 million released in the App Store… After that I would expect BB to be more open too.
    BB AppWorld can be viewed solely Microsoft products, this is even true for BB’s own browser… I find it worrying that you can’t even view the BB site on your BB phone.
    I’m still not getting IE.

  5. Yeah it bugs me that they only allow IE or Firefox. Don’t use either. Most times, it’s simply installing a plugin on your site that allows access. Don’t see what the hold up is!

  6. And this is why I use Windows. 🙂

  7. You guys all forgot Chrome. RIM’s websites run fine in Chrome, so you don’t need IE.

    MY biggest complaint which was already stated was why when going to an AppWorld link on my BlackBerry do I get a message that I can’t view the page in my current browser? Is RIM anti-BlackBerry or something? 😛

  8. Gotta love RIM!!!

  9. CRAPpworld is brutal…. im so glad i dont have it installed.

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