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Will India Ban BlackBerry Services Today?


RIM has been really tolerant of India’s demands to monitor BlackBerry emails and BBM conversations but India wants more. They are still demanding access to corporate/enterprise emails which RIM has stated simply that they cannot provide. From what I have learned its is not that RIM does not want to. They simply cannot due to how BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Servers) communicate with BlackBerry devices.

According to the AFP (via Yahoo) Indian officials will still “Insist” that RIM give them a way to monitor corporate emails. RIM seems pretty confident that they would not be banned from India but today marks the first day after the deadline for RIM to comply with the ban. With 1.1 million BlackBerry customers in India it could be a huge blow for RIM if they actually follow through with the ban.

RIM is more or less between a rock and a hard place on this one. The Indian officials are essentially asking to be able to monitor any companies BES traffic. This is similar to monitoring VPN traffic which India cannot do so I am not sure why they are stuck on BlackBerry emails. Maybe RIM can explain to them how corporate security works…

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  1. Tough situation. Such a huge market, one that continues to grow. I wonder if the only way to resolve it is to NOT have corporate BES in India? I can’t fathom that happening as its a huge part of RIM’s business plan.

    I think RIM has to somehow prove that they simply can’t give them a way to access corporate mail because of the way its encrypted and hope they blink first.

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