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What is Your Favorite BlackBerry OS 6 Font?

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I missed a memo somewhere and had no idea that BlackBerry OS 6.0 shipped with a whole slew of new fonts for me to choose from. I admit it has been awhile since I changed the font on my BlackBerry since our BES sets that automatically but I could have sworn it was not in the original AT&T Torch build. (Feel free to prove me wrong) The funny thing is the last time I was excited about fonts on my BlackBerry was back in 2009 when RIM added the Bitstream fonts BBAlphaSans and BBAlphaSerif.

While trying to change the font size on my latest OS install of on the Torch I noticed that there are now 25 available fonts in OS 6.0 devices. It looks like RIM just ported a few of the most common (10 or so) web safe fonts missing some like Lucida and Palatino from what I can tell along with a smattering of BlackBerry specific fonts like BBCasual. On the other hand they have one or two fonts I have never heard of like Andale Mono which is meant for terminal emulation and has not shipped on Windows PC’s since WinME. My guess is that the new font support came as part of the WebKit browser requirements but who knows. Now if only we could get a SWYPE keyboard. (Possible acquisition target for RIM?)

So I thought I would throw it out there. What is your favorite BlackBerry OS 6 font? Currently mine is Verdana at size 7 since it is my favorite web font but share your thoughts!

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  1. I stick with Arial (Size 7) on the Torch. It looks the most smooth neutral in most situations.

    Other fonts are sometimes aliased too much on the lower res screen of the Torch.

  2. For me BBCasual on Bold 9780

  3. I also use Arial, but size 8

  4. Ronen, you meant Verdana not Veranda right?

  5. BBCasual Font 8 for me

  6. I’m on a 9780 and was using Verdana 6. But it was too small….so I went back to BBAlpha Sans 7. Weird…yup!

  7. bb alpha sans, size 7 font

  8. i mean 6… jeez

  9. BBAlpha Sans Condensed at 7

    • Same here, its the perfect font for me. I do wish sometimes that there was a 6.5 sized font, as 6 is just a little too small.

  10. BBAlpha Sans 8

  11. Hey, Ronen,

    There’s this site I sometimes visit that has all these cool reviews, and one of them was an app you might just be interested in – it allows you to use virtually any font…

    You should really check the site out, though they have so much content it’s sometimes hard to keep up with everything…


  12. georgia 7.
    but OS 6 really stepped it up as far as what they allow as fonts and stuff.

  13. BB Alpha Sans 7. 6 is too small. Off-topic: RIM needs to make larger emoticons. They’re just too damn small. My eyes serve me really well, but I have to look really closely to choose the right one.

  14. Verdana.

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