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RIM Really Pushing DataSmart in Advertisements

Kudos to RIM’s web advertising team for finally finding a way to properly market RIM’s data conservation technology. I just spotted their latest advertisement and it really drives home the DataSmart concept they just branded. What I think would really drive this home is if RIM did a survey of how this translates into savings in your pocket on your wireless bill with tiered data plans. Better yet would be some sort of BillShrink like system that calculated it for you on the fly! 🙂 For example, on AT&T you could easily get away with the $15/month 200MB plan on a BlackBerry instead of the 2GB $25/month plan.

Have you spotted other RIM ads that you liked recently?

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  1. I haven’t seen any Datasmart ads, but with the way telecom’s here in Canada are pushing for UBB (usage based billing), I think RIM should benefit from its compression technology.

  2. Case in point… My wife and I both “use the pi$$” out of our phones. I have my torch and she has her iphone 3GS. I rarely go over 150MB where she goes over 300MB monthly. And that is with her on wifi 90% of the time. I am only on wifi during night time. I love my data sipping BB!

  3. Well, i just broke my 1gb barrier finally after much tethering

  4. With no real practical way to watch large amounts of video (or download it to phone) over 3G on a BlackBerry, its no surprise BlackBerry is always WAY lower in days consumption than other platforms. Video is the huge consumer of bytes, and no amount of “DataSmart” is going to reduce the bytes of already massively compressed H264 video. But more and more ways to do video/TV on BlackBerry are gaining ground.

  5. One of the things that makes BlackBerries so great. They are just the most efficient smartphones out there and they will continue to be the best smartphones out there. When QNX arrives and the next gen dual core phones arrive, the rest of the mobile world is really going to need to step their game up.

  6. it is a great idea… i get by on a 500mb data plan and use my berry NON STOP

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