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Sprint to Release Bold Touch (Montana) and Storm (Monaco) in Q2?


Many current BlackBerry users are stuck with the flagship BlackBerry Bold 9650 as the latest device without any hope for a new device in the near future. The Storm never got a refresh and the Torch does not seem to be coming to CDMA networks anytime soon. Simon over @IntoMobile just spurred up some hope after hearing from three different sources that Sprint may have what seems to be the BlackBerry Bold Touch “Montana” and BlackBerry Storm “Monaco” before the end of Q2 2011.

Don’t get me wrong. The Style is a nice addition but I have yet to see one business person carrying it around and the Curve 9330 is a sorry excuse for a rehashed 8330 that RIM should never have released in the US. The roadmap the CrackBerry team caught last week first confirmed the BlackBerry Bold Touch (Montana) and Storm (Monaco). The thing is that slide has both devices straddling Q3 2011 instead of Q2. Makes me wonder if maybe those timelines were moved up.

Could be interesting to see if RIM manages to push out these devices right around the BlackBerry World Conference in May of 2011! What do you think?

(H/T to Barrist)

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  1. I’m 100% with you on how mis-placed the Curve 9330 is. Why hasn’t RIM released a CDMA variant of the Pearl?

    For an entry level phone, I’m always recommending the 3G Pearl over the 3G Curve even with the lack of full QWERTY. The Pearl is basically a shrunken down 9700 imo.

    • The Curve series is going to remain to be important to RIM, as it is their best selling phone (even if not the most exciting). Sure the 93xx is only a minor improvement over the 85xx series, but why not? If RIM can update each of their series every 9 months that is a good thing…

      Also why RIM hasn’t released a CDMA variant of the Pearl (

      What I would like to see however is a CDMA Torch…

      • That’s true. It’s a good fleet device, and I’m happy they’re finally giving it some much needed spec updates for the Sedona. I just think they should have done that for the 9300.

        That’s too bad about the Pearl’s poor popularity. I would think it would resonate with the younger market who want a small candybar form factor. I quite like it to be honest, although I couldn’t live without a full qwerty.

        I disagree on the Torch though, I think that was a poor choice by RIM to try and hype it up as much as they did. They should focus on a large touch screen and the Bold touch as its flagship phones, none of this slider nonsense. And I own the Torch!

  2. Hopefully, with Sprint releasing the CDMA variants, it will come to VZW and US Cellular. Like you said, both in desperate need of different BlackBerry devices over the Curve 9330 and Style.

  3. I’m on Sprint now, and that’s all I’ve been dreaming about. They need to get the Bold Touch!!! Its gonna be an amazing phone and I want it now.

  4. Bold touch screen will be interesting.

  5. Bold Touch, here I come!!!

  6. I can’t wait to see what the Roadmap for GSM looks like!

  7. I’d like to see the Torch make it over to CDMA side. I think the Torch is a good hybrid of the Storm and the Bold. Although the keyboard is not as good as the Bold, it is versatile, you can use it as a touch screen or as a keyboard only.

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