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RIM Shows Off PlayBook Business Use Case in Latest Video

In yet another video update from RIM today we have a nice almost 2 minute video showing off a simple business use of the BlackBerry PlayBook. The demo has Jonathan from the Product team at RIM demonstrating “a few of the many BlackBerry PlayBook tablet use cases for business professionals.” Nothing really new here though the on screen buttons for some of the apps (like flagging emails) seem unnecessarily small for stubby fingers like mine. Hopefully that will change in future builds.

The thing that really interested me is that Jonathan showed off “secure access to business applications such as Flash enabled dashboards from SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.” From what I can tell it looks like the PlayBook somehow makes a secure connection to the corporate network over the BlackBerry Torch but its a little unclear how exactly that is done. The video seems to have the PlayBook on Wi-Fi but maybe it is accessing the corporate BES/MDS over the BlackBerry Torch? The other thing that bugs me is that I never see RIM doing demo videos of the PlayBook while somebody is holding it in their hands… I got a chance to hold it a bit at CES and it seems to work quite well in two hands.

Let us know if you spot anything else!

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  1. Is it me or does this video only serve to enforce the idea out there in the media that you NEED a blackberry to use the Playbook?

    They should have videos of the frikkin thing running a Gmail App or something lol.

  2. I think they’ve said from the get go that it won’t have BES unless it’s bridged. I could be wrong, maybe I missed a post somewhere.

    But I did like the way that the two sync’d up extremely fast. I know they say it will launch with Native apps, but I’m waiting to see if it will be like the PS3. Launch without, and an update will catch it later.

  3. Every time I see this thing, I want it more. Its a great device. People may be turned off by the fact that you have to bridge it to your BlackBerry to get native apps, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

  4. It does sound like a great tablet, but they really do need to get it working on BES for it to make full use of its potential. It also needs native email, calendar and tasks. Otherwise, non-Blackberry users are less likely to want one over the competition.

  5. Not a great business video. It was so plain and boring lol. Doesn’t matter though because I want the PlayBook so bad that nothing can make me not want it……..unless it the BlackBerry logo became an Apple or Android one.

  6. Am i the only one who is a bit tired of watching demos of the playbook and thinks it’s about time we actually got to touch and feel the thing ourselves?

    It would be nice if RIM set up its own blackberry shop/stores where customers can come in and try the real deal for themselves. Nokia and Apple have those and they work pretty well for them.

    • I’m sure they’ll have demo set ups in stores soon, just a matter of when.

    • I agree with you that it would be nice to have a BlackBerry store front. I believe they have one in Ontario where they head office is. RIM did mention at it is now computer mobile company so maybe in the future we could see more store fronts.

  7. Pretty nice!

  8. I’d like them to show off Saleforce and Chatter.

  9. Maybe I can show this to the wife to help justify my purchase of one

  10. wow! that’s simply amazing! two products made by the same company interface perfectly with each other. maybe someone can explain to me why i actually need a tablet. how does it make my life better?

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