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Updated: RIM Posts Results of App World 2.1 Survey – Looking into Update Notification Delays

App WorldUPDATE: I just got confirmation that the Feb 3rd date for the follow up survey for delayed App World upgrade notifications is not the day it will actually be resolved. Rather it is the date when RIM will release a survey to get more in depth info on the issue.

I have to say I am a pretty big fan of the improvements RIM has made in the App World 2.1 beta currently open in the Beta Zone ( RIM ran a survey last week to identify what users think of App World 2.1 and so far things look pretty positive. The main thing I am happy about is that RIM is finally looking into the issue of App World upgrade notifications being delayed. (We discussed the issue here) Here are the results of the survey:

Likes – survey respondents primarily commented on the improved speed, ease of use, appealing layout and design, and simple payment options as particular strengths of this version of App World.

Improvement Areas – beta testers identified missing functionality (inability to filter spam reviews, lack of advanced search options, and inability to permanently delete or hide items from the “Uninstalled” or “Unavailable” lists in My World) and software quality issues (namely delays in receiving upgrade notifications) as areas in which App World can still improve in the future.

RIM has also posted the schedule for fixing these issues and closing out the beta below:

  • Follow-up survey regarding upgrade notifications
    • Details: As numerous community members have reported experiencing delays in receiving upgrade notifications, we will be distributing a survey to all program participants to gauge the frequency of this issue.
    • Tentative distribution date: February 3rd/2011
  • End-of-Beta Survey
    • Details: This survey is designed to gauge your satisfaction with this beta program in general.  Questions will be tailored around your satisfaction with moderator support on the discussion forums and whether or not we succeeded in providing you with an overall enjoyable beta testing experience.
    • Tentative distribution date: February 8th/2011
  • Official Program Closure
    • Details: Please be aware that this program will officially close on February 12th/2011, at which point you will no longer have access to the discussion forums or the main program page.  An official reminder notice will be distributed to all beta testers a day prior to program closure.
  • I am just hoping that RIM makes that tentative February 3rd date of fixing the upgrade notification emails. (See update above) If you are in North America or the UK you should join in on the App World 2.1 beta at this link. The more feedback they get the better end product App World will be. If you are the first to report the issue RIM is nice enough to give you credit on the Known Issues list.

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    1. I was able to test out as a betazone member myself. It was better than what I remember app world to be like a few years ago when I last tried it.

      But I ended up uninstalling it; I don’t really have a need for it as all my apps that I use are available OTA

    2. I love the beta zone.

    3. i also love beta zone

    4. I agree that App World 2.1 is better. I’ve tested all of the releases from the get-go. But I still feel that there needs to be a mobile web version like that of Mobihand. There are always a few programs that say they aren’t usable with your OS, etc, but you can find them and use them. I, for one, just don’t use it enough. A lot of the apps I consider BloatWare and would never use.

    5. I’ve been using the latest beta version as well. runs much more smoother and less buggy on my torch.

    6. At least RIM really knows it needs major improvement and is working on it.

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