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RIM Opens Up BlackBerry OS 6.0 Beta Zone Software – Starts With T-Mobile OS 6.0

Beta Zone BlackBerry 6

RIM has been doing a nice job with their Beta Zone in terms of reaching out to the community. They just announced in the Beta Zone that starting this year they will be allowing BlackBerry customers in the US, Canada, and UK to beta test BlackBerry 6.0 OS beta builds. They are currently starting with T-Mobile US offering up OS 6.0 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 or 9780, or Curve 9300. Don’t get me wrong the 9780 already ships with OS 6.0 but my guess is the program will open the door for more beta OS builds.

There are limited spots in each beta so head on over to and update your profile to make sure you are eligible. If you are a T-Mobile customer you can join the beta now!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Here is the full wording from the announcement:

Announcement for Upcoming Beta Programs

Hello everyone,

Beginning early this year, we will be providing consumers from the US, Canada and the UK using particular wireless networks the opportunity to participate in beta programs dedicated to BlackBerry 6.0 Device Software.

We are excited to open our doors to you for beta testing the latest BlackBerry Device Software and we look forward to your continued involvement in our programs as BlackBerry Beta Zone grows.

To prepare for these upcoming programs, we ask that you please take the following actions to ensure your eligibility*:

In your BlackBerry Beta Zone profile, please update the following information:

  1. In the "Contact" tab, update to the current BlackBerry smartphone model and PIN you are using, as well as your Country
  2. In the "BlackBerry Smartphone" tab, ensure you have provided the most up-to-date carrier information

These programs will have limited capacity for participants and registration will end once the spots have been filled.

Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us to improve the site and our programs. We encourage you to continue voicing your opinions and sharing your ideas with us.

Best Regards,
The BlackBerry Beta Zone Team

*Eligibility will depend on your specific carrier and further details about any limitations will be provided on a program-by-program basis.

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  1. Sprint needs to get into this program. I would love to test OS builds.

  2. Good idea from RIM. With such a big community of blackberry users that install leaked oses, may as well have them test future builds.

  3. cant wait for rogers

  4. I joined this beta last week and they just sent me an email about getting registered. Cant wait to see the latest beta!!

  5. Software leaks have always been annoying to me. I’m sure few share the same feeling as I, but I think its good that RIM is finally offering beta teats on their os’.

    Great write-up. 🙂

  6. It would be a good way for us BlackBerry users to be able to give RIM a lot of feedback. Hopefully they listen.

  7. They just posted the BlackBerry Bold 9780 Software Installer ( in the beta test center. They also just sent me an unlock code for it.

  8. About time!!! Good for you RIM. A lot of the beta zone members have been asking. RIM has a huge fan base who are willing to be testers – and this way there will be no need for leaks either. They should have a spot for each carrier or geographical place.

  9. I just use the leaks, no need for BetaZone

  10. I am still waiting for my email.

  11. According to reports, the beta is So nothing new for those that have already been using the leak, but maybe more appealing to those that were waiting for something more official from RIM.

  12. this rim ver is the im in the beata testing right now with rim and tmo you can uses the os leak is the same ver

  13. Cool and all but I’m sick of having my 9700 for the past 2.5 yrs and I’m still waiting for a solid OS.

  14. bergabung…

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