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QNX Goes to Space in NASA Space Shuttle

Since I first learned about QNX I am still amazed by all the things it powers. The latest I found is that QNX is used to power the Neptec Laser Camera System (LCS). According to Paul Leroux of QNX the LCS has been:

A part of every Space Shuttle flight since 2005, the LCS is a high-precision 3D scanner that can detect the tiniest fractures in the shuttle’s heat shield, even if they’re only a few millimeters in size. Just as important, the LCS provides NASA with the data to determine whether a fracture poses any threat to the shuttle crew.

In other words QNX is used to run the system that makes sure astronauts do not end up getting cooked in the atmosphere. Check out how QNX is used in the LCS at this link. Now I wonder how many PlayBooks will be going out on missions once they launch. 🙂

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  1. Hi Ronen, thanks for the link!

    – Paul

  2. I’ve been very impressed of what I’ve read about QNX. I’ve read articles from 5 years ago that talked about its features that differentiated it from other OSes.

    It’s kernel allows it to stay stable even if a process crashes. It doesn’t take down the whole system. This makes it an easy choice for embedded systems like ones that NASA or a hospital uses.

    In terms of its potential for the Playbook, this will help prevent the need to “reboot” or battery pull as a process can simply shut itself down without affecting the rest of the system.

    I also posted a video in the forums about its fastboot technology. It literally booted up to an application in about 4 seconds.

    Listening to the CB podcast the other day, they all agreed that what we’ve seen so far from QNX is only the beginning. One idea was to be able to run two programs side by side instead of just switching from one to the other.

  3. Everything about QNX is amazing. Its a powerful OS that is going to be the future of the RIM and BlackBerry. I can’t wait to see what RIM does with it. Along with TAT, the future is more than bright.

  4. Okay, So where is an application to control the space shuttle? 🙂

  5. Well, what’s new? 🙂

    Isn’t qnx in our battle tanks.. Oh how about our aircraft carriers and warships? Qnx too? 😀

    • Definitely some military applications (pulled from a QNX marketing brief):
      – Unmanned aircraft control systems
      – Acoustic sensors for tracking tank movements
      – JTRS wireless military radios
      – High-capacity data radios
      – Autonomous underwater vehicles
      – Guidance systems for anti-tank weapons
      – Embedded controllers for aerospace applications
      – Wearable GPS/communication systems for ground troops
      – Transponder landing systems
      – Military weather satellite test beds

  6. Nice to know 🙂

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