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Last Day to WIN a BlackBerry PlayBook in our Rewards Contest!

HappyCatThats right! Today is the last day with a BlackBerry PlayBook up for grabs in our January BerryReview Rewards Contest. The contest is still going on with a BlackBerry PlayBook (base model) when it is publicly available or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate as the prize. With all the news on the PlayBook this is a great way to get one for free when it comes out!

Every comment, forum post, and tip submission you make on BerryReview during the month of January 2011 will be counted as an entry to win. That means every forum post or comment you contribute increases your chances of winning!

You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest and the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of February. You can check out all the details and official rules in the announcement post. If you have any questions comments leave a comment on that post.

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PS: We still have not decided if we will have another contest for a BlackBerry PlayBook in February. Let us know if we should in the comments! 🙂

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  1. If I don’t win this month’s playbook, then you should keep running contents until I win.

  2. “PS: We still have not decided if we will have another contest for a BlackBerry PlayBook in February. Let us know if we should in the comments! :)”

    Obviously! It’s on every Blackberry user’s wishlist I’m sure.

  3. I’m all for having another contest for the Playbook in February – even if by some miracle I win this month’s contest.

  4. I hope I win one!!!!

  5. A contest should run every month, until the next big RIM product arrives. Please have another one.

  6. Any one of the New phones would qualify as a big product in my book.

  7. This contest has certainly enticed me out of lurking. It will be fun to see who wins. BerryReview is the best!

    • It’s amazing how many lurkers have come out of hiding now that a Playbook is up for grabs. I was only an occasional poster but I’ve been much more active this month.

  8. Let’s put my luck into here one more time…

    Chinese new year is just a few days away. Time to take a breather!

  9. Just keep giving away one a month until I win. Then you can stop.

  10. Can’t wait for the PlayBook to come out!

  11. you guys should run this in February. Just so we can all take another shot at getting the best thing since our blackberry’s lol

  12. I love contests 🙂 we should all have playbooks so yes hold another giveaway

  13. I like the other guy’s comment… “you should keep giving away PlayBooks until I win one”… 🙂

  14. good luck to all

  15. sweet, would love to have a BB Playbook. Have been using RIM devices since the old 957 Pagers and refuse to switch over to the “fair” side..

  16. I need a playbook!
    I have to win!

  17. Can someone close please slap Ronen for saying they haven’t decided on having a February contest. Unless I win this one, you better 🙂

    **Possessed by Stewie Griffin saying to the cheerleader “there, there, I’m not going to hurt you”**

  18. I have been tempted to buy the iPad, but as a BB user since the 7100 and now carrying both a 9700 and 8520, I may as well add the Playbook and make it one happy RIM family!

  19. I can’t wait to see who will win!!!! This contest was fun! Let’s do this every month for a year 😀 so we can all win one or just up until I win one.

    BerryReview is the best. You should make a contes like this for the new berry’s that we all hope drop soon.

    • Haha…I agree, keep it going every month, even after they are released.

      Speaking of being released. Tomorrow is Feb 1, that means there are only 2 months left in Q1 so…a Q1 release?… time’s awasting, lets hear a release date??? lol

    • Please people…if I win, you better believe I’m taking that Amazon gift card. 500 mp3s…yeah! Oh…did someone say something about a Playbook lol

  20. A lot of closet readers, like me, have come out. 🙂

    Playbook is awesome and the only question is do I have to pay for all of them or will I get one free from the nice folks at Berry Review?

    And good luck to all!!!

  21. I’m glad that you guys did this. Its a way for a lot of people to read your amazing articles and get involved with what you guys are about. I love this site and I will tell everyone I know, BlackBerry or not about it. Thanks again for the opportunity to win.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’ll admit, before January, I was only subscribed to the site through RSS and I loved every single article…but, the forums are just as great.

  22. Run the contest again in February? Uh…heck yeah!

  23. So, they say the monthly production of Playbooks has begun, but limited. Well, I only need one.

  24. You announcing today Ronen? 🙂

  25. I wish you would have a contest every month like this one.

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