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BlackBerry Curve “Sedona” Poses for the Camera

blackberry-sedona-verizon-2Earlier during the week we saw the 2011 roadmap for Verizon that included quite a few new devices. One of those devices is the BlackBerry Sedona an upgrade to the curve series. This new device smiled for the camera showing its front and back and here are the pictures for your viewing courtesy of the team from N4BB.  The device will probably ship with BlackBerry 6 lite, which would make it an entry level device and it looks like RIM will add the colored trackpad, similar to the colored trackball on the old 8100 series. This things may change when the device ships but I think RIM is close to finalizing this device if we are seeing pictures of it already.


  • Evdo Rev A
  • HVGA Display 480×360 246 DPI
  • Trackpad+Navigation Keys+Narrow QWERTY
  • 5MP camera
  • 512MB Memory +512MB RAM
  • Expandable memory with uSD Card up to 32 GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11
  • A-GPS
  • BlackBerry v6.1 Lite
  • NFC Micro USB
  • Bluetooth



No QNX for BlackBerry devices but it looks like RIM is going to improve on the current BB6 OS until they deliver Dual core BB devices.

More pictures after the jump…..

blackberry-sedona-verizon-1 blackberry-sedona-verizon-3

blackberry-sedona-verizon-4 blackberry-sedona-verizon-5



Source: N4BB

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  1. Looks very nice. I can’t wait for the Bold Touch.

  2. wow thats really nice….looks like the curve, but im liking it

  3. Not a big fan of the glossy back cover.. Gives it a cheap look imo, but I’m sure others will love it.

    It’s nice for an entry phone, you basically get all the specs and features that were originally considered high end on RIM’s lineup.

    • I have a few friends with the curve’s. They love them except for the snap on back covers. So I agree, looks cheap.

      • It’s well spec’d though, I’m sure those in the lower end market looking to BBM and email for the first time will eat it up.

        From the roadmap, it shows a Fall 2011 release date. It would have seemed that we’d see glimpses of the Sedona alot later.. it seems to be fully functioning with 6.1 now. I wonder if the Bold Touch and Monaco are as far along.

  4. A Sexy entry phone

  5. It is still nice to give the users a better specc’d curve that has a flash!

  6. And now with the potential of a snapdragon processor, “entry level” takes on a whole new meaning.

  7. I just noticed the colored trackpad part. That’s hilarious!!!

  8. RIM has always felt the need to differentiate the market for the devices between entry level and high end lines. But in the past that has generally been just reduced hardware specs, not OS feature reduction too. I guess they need to do this for the mass markets overseas that buy up Curve’s by the millions and low ball or free on contract prices. I figure within 6 months of launch the Sedona/Apollo will be free on 2 year contrat even from the big USA carriers, and likely within days of launch from the likes of Amazon Wireless and such. But the high end models probably won’t drop below $100 for quite some time.

    Now, what the marketing strategy for the Curve Touch will develop into will be interesting to watch. A “free” full touchscreen smartphone could be VERY enticing sitting on the Verizon display shelf right beside far more expensive Android and Apple (and even RIM) high end smartphones….

  9. It looks like pretty good specs for an entry level device. I am a little curious what they mean by OS6.1 Lite. I suppose maybe lite refers to the lack of touchscreen.

    • Don’t the slides say Curve Touch will have BlackBerry Lite? So its sounding like Lite will be more than just a lack of touch.

  10. My take is the “lite” means single core cpu and no upgrade path to the QNX based os. Also probably no chance of flash with that. Just my thinking.

  11. Not bad for an entry level device, but I just can’t see jumping into a new contract for another device until one is available with QNX and a multi-core processor as promised by Lazardis. At that point I think Blackberry will be leading smartphone technology rather than being one or two steps behind as we have been seeing for quite a while. I am just hoping that they are taking their time to get it right and don’t keep us waiting too long.

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