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Solutions for the Annoying “Battery to Low for Radio Use” Error

Radio to low

I was on a call with a friend this week and got the super annoying “Battery to Low for Radio Use” message. For some reason RIM software engineers still think it is a brilliant idea to automatically turn off all radios when you hit below 8% or so battery life. This would make a little sense if your phone was in the holster and you didn’t want it to die. On the other hand if you were on the phone when this happened and receive no warning at all that the phone is about to disconnect you it leaves you wondering what the hell they are thinking. These engineers are so high and mighty that they do not even allow you to turn the radio back on until you charge it up. Even when the phone is plugged in and charging it still will not turn on the radio.

Over the years there have been a few solutions to get around this stupid restriction ranging from simple to kind of risky. Here they are:

  • Dial 911. I am not kidding you. If you dial 911 and hang up right away the battery is all of a sudden no longer to low for radio usage.
  • Go to Options then Advanced Options then Wireless Update page and select Check for Updates. All of a sudden the radio thinks it has a reason to come back on… Go figure.
  • Last but not least there is a free app called ForceRadioOn.

Now if only OS 6.1 would finally add a bug fix to get rid of this annoying “feature.”

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  1. I’ll check out that free app.

    I finally saw this pop up for the first time when I forgot my phone at a friend’s house and didn’t pick it up for a few days. When I got it, it was super low on battery and I couldn’t make a call. Pretty annoying.. what’s the point of turning the radio off to save energy if you can’t even use it for what the phone is for?

  2. The app is not compatible with my 9650 according to your store. I’d rather an app than calling 911 😛

    • Yeah I’m not sure if dialing 911 would be a good idea. These call centers get hit with thousands of false alarms (pocket dials and such) And even if they get a call that hangs up, they have to investigate it. So if you dial 911 and don’t end the call in time it could actually end up wasting their time and resources.

  3. I use to use ForceRadioOn. I never added it back to my 9650, but since Nikolaus says it isn’t compatible, then that may be an issue. 🙂 It’s a great, simple app!

  4. The free app isn’t compatible with my torch either. 🙁 Guess it is time to check upgrade next time it happens.

    Thanks for the tips though!

  5. I`ll pick the free app over dialing 911

  6. I have a password lock which also allows emergency calls. What you can do is tell it to make an emergency call, then cancel the 911 call immediately, and make the phone call you need to make. The cell signal will stay on (not sure for how long).

    I did this once on my old Bold 9000 but I’m pretty sure it should work for all BBs.

  7. Thanks for the useful tip.
    I’ve been hit with this one umpteen times.

  8. I don’t think forceradioon works on os6.. Or the last time I tried..

    But ronen, my battery has dropped to 1% yesterday, with radio on..

  9. Thanks a lot! Did not know there was a workaround for this.

  10. I’ll definitely check out the free app. It happened to me once and I was extremely irritated. Thanks for the info.

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