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FAQ: BlackBerry OS 6.0 WebKit Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry 6 Keyboard Shortcuts

This week we have had a nice influx of new BlackBerry OS 6.0 users thanks to RIM and Verizon finally releasing it officially for the Bold 9650 and Curve 9330. Any power user who has picked up a new BlackBerry 6 device and opened the browser will notice one thing off the bat. Keyboard shortcuts that we have all grown to love are missing. Well it is pretty easy to fix that.

Just follow these instructions to enable keyboard shortcuts:

  • Open the browser
  • Press the Menu button and select Options
  • Scroll down to “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts” and select the checkbox beside it
  • Close and save the options window

Congrats you now have keyboard shortcuts back in the BlackBerry browser. So you may be wondering what exactly are these keyboard shortcuts and are there any new ones for BlackBerry6? Turns out there really is only one new keyboard shortcut I have found which allows you to open a new tab and show the tabs.

Here is the full list of BlackBerry OS 6.0 WebKit browser keyboard shortcuts:

  • While browsing a website hit W to open a new tab
  • Press the T key to go to the top of a page
  • Press the B key to go to the bottom of a page
  • Press the Y key to open your browsing history
  • Press the P key to see the page properties
    Press the R key to refresh the current page
  • Press the S key to open the browser options
  • Press the K Key to go to your bookmarks
  • Press the A Key to bookmark the current webpage
  • Press the F key to search the current page
  • Press the G key to go to the GoTo homepage
  • Press the H key to go to the homepage

Let me know if I missed any!

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  1. Thank you very much. It was driving me crazy. I really missed some of those 🙂

  2. Those shortcuts seem to work only if the language set to english. For other language the shortcut is really different. Example: to go to TOP of the page in english is T (top) but in german is O (oben)

  3. I know most of these shortcuts are fairly intuitive (r = refresh) but I’m thankful for the touchscreen on the Torch for some of these !

  4. Thanks for this useful tips 🙂

  5. I use these shortcuts all the time. A couple of others not on the list:

    SPACE = Page down

    ALT+SPACE = Page up

    ALT+Trackpad = Manual page zoom

  6. Good tips. Thanks

  7. Oops… That should be SHIFT+SPACE for Page Up

  8. thanks for the info.

  9. Alt rbvs = ‘view page source’ which opens in a separate window. When you close it returns to the page.

  10. Great tips, thanks! Also, i zooms in and o zooms out …

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