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RIM Needs Your Help to Beat Windows Phone 7 in Laptop Magazines OS Bowl

Laptop Magazine OS Bowl BlackBerry OS

David pointed out to me that Laptop Magazine has opened up their OS Bowl readers vote competition today which we mentioned earlier. So far the BlackBerry OS is trailing behind Windows Phone 7 by a long mile with less than 7% of the votes out of almost 1,400. Kind of funny since in my personal experience I have yet to see one person with a Windows Phone 7 device on the streets and subways of Manhattan. Have you?

Since it is a reader voting contest I thought I would point out the discrepancy to all of you and if you feel so inclined head on over to the link below to rectify the situation. 🙂

Vote for the BlackBerry OS in the Laptop Magazine OS Bowl at this link

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  1. Hot damn! lol.

    I saw it this morning when it was split 50/50 with only 30 votes.. Looks like Microsoft takes this one.

  2. Apparently some 1,400 Windows users were stuck at home in the snow and had the time to vote 🙂

  3. Loosing to MS is bs. Loosing to the ios would have been understandable.

  4. If RIM is out of it I can only hope Android destroys iOS in the end. Then again, it would be cool to see iOS lose to Windows7 too.

    I’m kind of curious to know where all these votes for Windows7 came from. It hasn’t sold particularly well. Do these people even own a Windows7 phone?

  5. They’ve got a bit of misinformation there in the article… “Still, BlackBerry App world is well behind the market leaders–even Win Phone 7–in the number of apps offered.”

    Isn’t it something like 15000 to 6000 at this point? Even if you discount the stupid “reference” section in app world, you still have many more than Win7…

    (Unfortunately, not as many more as you’d expect, given how long app world has been out… but still, it seems the article just has its facts wrong.)

  6. Now at 30%. We are catching up! Need 1500 more votes.

  7. Voted for BB. How is this happening?

  8. 34% of the vote for BB so far. Voting closes tomorrow morning. Too bad!

    ah well, just an internet poll.

    I honestly haven’t really looked at Windows Phone 7, not interested AT ALL. I hear it’s been having dismal sales so far.

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